Palgwe 7

July 3rd, 2019

Palgwae 8

July 3rd, 2019

Taegeuk Forms

July 1st, 2019

Taegeuk 1



Taegeuk 3


Taegeuk 2

2019 Koryo Shepparton Grading

June 24th, 2019

Success for our Koryo Shepparton Members as they all pasted their June Grading. I received great support from
Sheppartons Head Instructor Sammy Rachele and his team which always makes for a well organised grading

2019 Shepparton June2019 Shepparton June 1

Koryo Grading at Craigieburn

June 9th, 2019

Our first Saturday morning Grading at Craigieburn.
A big thank you to Joyce and Chamali who managed the first and second
classes whilst I carried out the Grading.

2019 Craigieburn June


Koryo Taekwondo Centre

May 28th, 2019

Our two little Super Stars are now 1st Gup after doing an amazing job at last nights grading.
Both Michael and Warren have been working extremely hard this year preparing for their Black Belt Grading
which paid off at last nights as they both received their 1st Dan promotion at last nights Grading

2019 Grading a

2019 Northern Inter Club Competition

May 20th, 2019

Team Koryo, we had 51 competitors compete at the Northern Inter Club competition. Unfortunately not all our team
turmed up in time for the photo.
The competition was well organised and managed with everybody helping with set up and packing up at the end of

the competition.
The individual fee was only $50.00 with an additional cost of only $5.00 per each additional event.
It reminded me of the old days when we all chipped in to help.
Our Koryo Teams Final results are as follows, 47 Gold, 37 Silver and 12 Bronze. Which makes a grand total 96 medals.
Great effort team

2019 Medal Count









2019 Koryo Team Photo

2019 Poomsae Seminar

May 8th, 2019

2019 Seminar e





Presenters GM Russell Wood and GM Robert Schembri

The content of the Seminar included how to Judge Poomsae in accordance with the current 2014 W.T Rules
taking into account the 3 categories of Presentation and not over focusing on rhythm. The technical section
included and over view of the Palgwe Forms, Basic technicques, practicing all of the Taegeuk forms 4 time
each plus all the Black forms up to Ilyo. It certainly proved to be a busy day as we had a total of 66 practitioners
on the floor.

Poomsae Seminar Victoria

April 28th, 2019

If you are attending the Poomsae Seminar at Schembri’s Tekwondo Centre on the 5th May could you please read the following.
Koryo Taekwondo Centre

Recognized Poomsae.
Total score is 10.0.
Basic score 4.0
0.1 point shall be deducted each time a contestant does not perform the basic movements or the
pertinent Poomsae accurately.
Accuracy in basic actions and the pertinent Poomsae: 0.3 points shall be deducted each time a
contestant makes a serious mistake.
(Explanation #1):
Deduction of 0.1 point per small mistake in accurate performance: 0.1 point shall be deducted whenever any of the foot postures (Apgubi,
Dwit-gubi,. Beom-seogi and all the other standing movements) or hand movements (Makki, Jireugi, Chigi and all the other hand
movements) is not performed as explained in the attached Poomsae Competition Scoring Guidelines.
(Explanation #2)
Serious mistake in accuracy: 0.3 points shall be deducted when actions not performed in accordance with included in the attached
Poomsae Competition Scoring Guidelines or a wrong action is performed.
1. Eolgul Makki is performed instead of Arae Makki
2. Dwit-gubi is performed instead of Juchum-Seogi
3. Kihap (yelling) is not made or kihap at wrong moment.
4.Temporary stop during movements (forgetting the next movement for three seconds or longer)
5. Eyesight does not follow the side to which actions are made.
6. When the raised foot touches the ground in performing Hakdari-Seogi.
7. Starting and ending position varies by more than one foot allowance. (kumgang, jitae exception)
8. Jittzikgi movement without enough power and sound.
9. When the contestant makes loud breathing noises.
10. When the contestant restarts his or her performance.

Basic score 6.0
(Explanation #3) Presentation
Deduction of point in presentation shall not be made for every small or serious mistake during the performance. Deduction of point in
presentation shall be made for the overall performance of Poomsae
1. 2.0 points for speed and power
2. 2.0 points for control of power, speed and rhythm
3. 2.0 points for expression of energy

(Explanation #4): Speed and power (score 2.0):
Ability to perform Poomsae shall be evaluated on whether the movements are performed in accordance with the characteristics of the
pertinent movement, for example, whether attacking techniques like Jireugi, Chagi, etc. are best performed, whether the movement is
presented with a soft start and with a perfect balance between speed and power utilizing the body weight at the maximum, and whether a
special movement is performed slowly intentionally, etc.
(Example 1) Deduction of point shall be made if too much strength is revealed in the beginning of the movements as it slows down the
movements at the most important point of the movements.
(Example 2) Deduction of point shall be made if one exaggerates a movement to propel the next movement or utilizes the reaction of the
body to express power.

(Explanation #5) Control of power, speed and rhythm (score 2.0)
– Control of power means the strongest power shown at the most critical moment of the movement through speed and softness.
– Control of speed means an appropriate connection between actions and changes of speed
– Rhythm means repeated actions according to set rules and length of note, and flow of power.
(Example #1) Too much power makes the movement look stiff from the start. Points shall be deducted if the speed, power and rhythm are
presented with no changes from the start to the end of the lines of movements.
(Example #2) Points shall be deducted in case of stiff actions coming from stiff body: A strong start makes it difficult to accelerate, thus
slowing down the action at the critical point of movements

(Explanation #6)
Expression of energy(score 2.0)
– Whether actions are presented with quality and dignity that come from mastering of the energy: size of body action, concentration,
courage, sharpness, confidence, etc. according to the characteristics of actions of Poomsae
– Eyesight, kihap (yelling), attitude, costume, confidence, etc. all through the actions of Poomsae based on the performer’s physique and
characteristics shall be evaluated.
(Example #1) Points shall be deducted if actions are not vivid, connecting actions are not big enough for the performer’s physique,
performance is made in the same rhythm all the time without quality and dignity, and eyesight, kihap, confidence, etc. are not expressed


April 25th, 2019

Thank you to all our Defence Forces past and present.2017 Australian Flag - Image_tcm16-47870