Lucy Cleary

2015 Lucy Cleary

Lucy Cleary
Kukkiwon 4th Dan
OTU Poomsae Coach

Lucy Cleary 4th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt.

Lucy began Taekwondo in 1991. During the early nineties she competed successfully in many State and National Competitions. Then in 1996 Lucy spent a year as an exchange student at Korea University in Seoul, training with the KU Taekwondo Club. She returned to Australia to complete her university degree, and then in 2008 she moved back to Korea where she lived for a further six years. After taking a short break from Taekwondo, raising two young children, she returned to Melbourne where she resumed training and instructing at Allen’s Taekwondo Club from 2005 to 2014. When Allen decided to retire from Taekwondo, he recommended Koryo Taekwondo to Lucy. She began training there soon after and began her own club in Broadmeadows in 2015. Lucy has also been teaching ‘Taekwondo Just for Fun’ classes in Craigieburn since 2013.

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