2021 Grading Form

2021 Grading Application


The Korean Taekwondo Association prepared Mpeg videos of each different poomsae form. These downloadable video are available from the Taekwondo Victoria Web Site. We will also be adding links directly to videos available on the internet shortly.

2021 Grading Syllabus

2021 Blue 1 Syllabus

 2021 White Belt Grading Syllabus

Yellow Belt Grading Syllabus

2021 Yellow 1 Grading Syllabus
2021 Yellow Belt 2 Stripes

2021 Yellow Belt 3 Stripes Grading Syllabus

Blue Belt Grading Syllabus
2021 Blue 1 Syllabus
2021 Blue 2 Stripes Grading Syllabus

2021 Blue 3 Syllabus

Red Belt Grading Syllabus
2021 Red Belt 1 Stripe grading Syllabus

2021 Red Belt 2 Stripe Grading Syllabus
2021 Red 3 Belt Stripes Grading Syllabus 

 Black Belts
2021 Grading Syllabus for Cho Dan Bo to 1st Dan Poom (A minimum of 6 months weekly training sessions prior to sitting for Black Belt)
2021 Grading Syllabus for 1st Poom Dan to 2nd Poom 2nd Dan
2021 Grading Syllabus for 2nd Dan Poom to 3rd Dan Poom

2021 Grading Syllabus for 3rd Dan to 4th Dan
2020 Grading Syllabus for 4th Dan to 5th Dan
2021 Grading Syllabus for 5th Dan to 6th Dan
2021 Grading Syllabus for 6th Dan to 7th Dan

2021 Stepped Exercises

One Step Exercise
2021 One Step Exercise No 1
2021 One Step Exercise No 2
2021 One Step Exercise No 3
2021 One Step ExerciseNo 4
2021 One Step Exercise No 5

Two Step Exercise
2021 Two Step Exercise

Three Step Exercise
2021 3 Step Exercise

One Step Self Defence Exercise

2021 Taekwondo / Koryo History

2020 Koryo Club Directory

Taekwondo History

2021 Terminology

Terminology for Blue 3 to Red 1
Terminology for Red 1 to Red 2
Terminology for Red 2 to Red 3
Terminology for Red 3 to Cho Dan Bo
Terminology for Black Belts

2021 Additional Grading Syllabus


Black Belt Syllabus (One, Two and Three Step Exercise)
Koryo Meaning
Poomsae Meaning
Taekwondo Meaning