Kukkiwon Australia

Dear member clubs of KA,
I am happy to announce that the KA representatives for Jeju World Hanmadang brought
home with a significant achievement and memories.
KA member clubs are now over 40 clubs in Australia plus lots of non-insured member
clubs, it has increased more than double compare to last year 2017. Our primary services
are to provide to our insured member clubs and their business.
KMS – KKW HQ Dan promotion potal
Save time and $$$ apply Dan certificate to KKW HQ directly.
You must have 4th Dan KKW certificate as pre-requisition in order to apply
through website.
So far all member clubs insurance period has been adjusted for whom joined
recently with pro rata rates until beginning of year.
In order to receive a response quickly and KA updates, suggestion has
been raised to have our members in a group chat.
1. Download ‘KAKAO TALK’ a free app
2. Save my phone number 0432 359 848
3. Then I will bring you in a group chat for any update.
I hope your club runs well and looking forward to seeing you soon.
Best regards,
Kangho Park
Secretary General
Kukkiwon Australia
Head instructor
The P.K Taekwondo Australia
0432 359 848
Website : pktkdaus.com

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