Koryo Poomsae/Judging Seminar

2016 Koryo SeminarKoryo Poomsae/Judging Seminar
The Seminar turned out to be a very successful day as we had members from 11 different clubs including one from NSW.
54 Participants attended the seminar which covered and overview on the 2014 WTF Poomsae Rules, a 1 hour Kukkiwon video on basic techniques, all the Taegeuk and Black Belt forms plus 2 hours scoring practice and revision using iPads. Schembris TKD Centre proved to be an ideal venue as it has two levels with one set up with seating for 60 participants and a large TV screen whilst the other area was used for Poomsae and scoring practice.
We also introduced the new WTF issue 2 text book to the participants which is a great improvement on the issue 1 text book. Our total stock of these text books were all sold, however, we are now taking orders for our next shipment.
Thanks to Rob and Nerise Schembri we were able to raise a $1000 for the Marton Sister which will be deposited in their bank account on Tuesday. Also we need to thank Joyce from Koryo TKD for managing participants and book sales.
The following clubs attended the Seminar, Red Dragons, Maryborough Martial Arts, Fusion Martial Arts, MTC, Tigers TKD, Revolution TKD, JB TKD, V Team, Geelong ITF, Jung Moo, Schembris TKD and Koryo TKD.

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