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Australian Taekwondo Victoria

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Australian Taekwondo Victoria

Selection Championships

Sunday 3rd September 2017

Sparring Schedule

7.15am Doors Open/Registration

7.30am Referees / Judges/ Coaches registration and meetings – Coaches cards given out at this time only

7.30am Youth Colour Belts – Arrive

8:00am Youth Colour Belts – Competition Start

9:00am Youth Black, Cadet Colour Belts – Arrive

9:30am Youth Black, Cadet Colour Belts– Competition Start

10:30am Cadet Black Belts – Arrive

11:00am Cadet Black Belts – Competition Start

12pm-12.30pm Lunch

1:00pm Junior Black & Colour Belts – Arrive

1:30pm Junior Black & Colour Belts – Competition Start

3:00pm Open & Ultra Black & Colour Belts – Arrive

3:30pm Open & Ultra Black & Colour Belts – Competition Start

4:00pm-4:30pm Break

All times are approximate

Sparring Please Note:

a) ALL competitors and coaches must have their AT Registration Card or proof of registration before competing/coaching.

b) All players must have their own Daedo e-Socks where possible. All age groups and belts will need E socks but we have made provisions for athletes without.

c) Player Cards may be collected in the foyer on arrival. – Coaches’ cards will only be given out at the coaches meeting at 7.30am

d) The Draw will be uploaded on Friday 1st September.

Please Note: The Draw will not be available for purchase in the venue. Please download your own copy.

e) It has been bought to our attention that some clubs are not currently registered with AT. Any athlete who is a member of an unregistered club will automatically forfeit their place at the Nationals.

Eligibility for Nationals: ALL top 4 medallists in all red and blue belt divisions will qualify for the Victorian team

for the 2017 National Championships in the divisions in which they medalled.

All black belt athletes who compete at the Selection Championships will also qualify

for the Victorian team in any division. No qualification is required for self-defence or

board breaking divisions at the National Championships.


A.T Letter (Coaches)

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Dear Club Owners and Head Instructors 

The process for AT Club Talent Coach Accreditation has now been finalised.
AT have now moved the application process online. Please click the link below to go to the online club talent coach application screen. 

Please read all documentation carefully before you begin an application. 

The redevelopment of Australian Taekwondo (AT) NCAS Coach Education framework now provides a pathway for experienced and new coaches to attain a Club Talent Coach accreditation.

Coaches with previous STA, TA or OTU qualifications can apply for a Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) and be accredited as an NCAS Club Talent Coach. 

New coaches may also apply online. New applicants must have completed 50 hours of club coaching and 10 hours of mentored competition coaching. This must be signed off by an Instructor who has obtained a Club Talent Coach accreditation. Please use the form available form the online application screen if you require this form. 


  • Make sure you have all documentation together prior to attempting the application process. You will not be able to finalise application that are incomplete.
  • Please be patient when finalising an application. It will take several minutes to finalise while your documents are uploaded.
  • All applications will now be done through the online process. 



Hugh Eagling

Koryo Taekwondo Classes

Monday, August 14th, 2017

                                                         Good Samaritan Primary.

Bev Walker GradientNo class this Tuesday 15th August due to church requirements.

Craigieburn College

No class this Thursday 17th due to power black out in the area.

No classes on Saturdays for the rest of this year.

Craigieburn Primary

Starting this week the second class on Saturday mornings will now run to 12 noon.