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2015 Australian Open

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

2015 Australian Open aSome of Koryo Team at the 2015 Australian Open.

Medal Count: 11 Gold, 6 Silver and 5 Bronze

STA Letter

Saturday, June 27th, 2015
Endorsed State Events and Courses [STA250615-1].pdf · version 1
Lets hope for the sake of our Victorian Members the Presidents of STV and TVI can organise a meeting and merge.



Friday, June 26th, 2015

Final schedule for the 6th Australian Open (G2)…/AUSTRALIAN%20OPEN%20DRAW%20DAY%20…

6th Australian Open (G2) – Poomsae Information

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Premlim inary Semi Final

Indiv idual 1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae 1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae 1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae

Female; Age 12-14 keumgang 7 Jang 4 Jang 8 Jang 6 Jang Koryo

Male; Age 12-14 5 Jang Koryo 8 Jang keumgang 7 Jang 6 Jang

Female; Age 15-17 7 Jang 5 Jang 6 Jang Taebaek Koryo 4 Jang

Male; Age 15-17 5 Jang 6 Jang Koryo 8 Jang keumgang 7 Jang

Female; Age 18-30 Taebaek 7 Jang keumgang Shipjin 6 Jang 8 Jang

Male; Age 18-30 keumgang 8 Jang Pyongwon Shipjin Koryo Taeback

Female; Age 31-40 8 Jang Taeback keumgang 6 Jang Koryo 7 Jang

Male; Age 31-40 Shipjin 7 Jang Pyongwon Taebaek 8 Jang 6 Jang

Female; Age 41-50 8 Jang keumgang Jitae Pyongwon Koryo Shipjin

Male; Age 41-50 keumgang Taeback Chonkwon Koryo Jitae 8 Jang

Female; Age 51-60 Pyongwon Chonkwon Shipjin keumgang Hansu Koryo

Male; Age 51-60 Pyongwon Hansu keumgang Shipjin Koryo Chonkwon

Female; Age 61-65 keumgang Shipjin Chonkwon Hansu Taebaek Jitae

Male; Age 61-65 Taebaek Koryo Pyongwon Shipjin Chonkwon Jitae

Female; Age 66 and above Shipjin Taeback Hansu Koryo Chonkwon keumgang

Male; Age 66 and above Pyonwon keumgang Koryo Shipjin Jitae Koryo

Pairs Premliminary Semi Final

1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae 1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae 1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae

Pairs – Age 12-14 keumgang 5 Jang 8 Jang 4 Jang 7 Jang Koryo

Pairs – Age 15-17 4 Jang keumgang 7 Jang Taebaek 8 Jang 6 Jang

Pairs – Age 18-30 Koryo keumgang 8 Jang 6 Jang Taebaek 7 Jang

Pairs – Age 31 and above Jitae Pyongwon Shipjin Chonkwon keumgang Taebaek

Teams Premliminary Semi Final

1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae 1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae 1st Poomsae 2nd Poomsae

Team – Female; Age 12-14 5 Jang 8 Jang 4 Jang Koryo 7 Jang keumgang

Team – Male; Age 12-14 4 Jang 7 Jang keumgang 8 Jang Koryo 5 Jang

Team – Female; Age 15-17 6 Jang keumgang 7 Jang 8 Jang 4 Jang 5 Jang

Team – Male; Age 15-17 6 Jang 8 Jang keumgang Koryo 4 Jang 7 Jang

Team – Female; Age 18-30 Koryo Taeback 8 Jang Pyongwon 6 Jang Taebaek

Team – Male; Age 18-30 8 Jang Pyongwon Shipjin 6 Jang Taebaek 7 Jang

Team – Female; Age 31 and above Pyongwon Jitae keumgang 8 Jang Taebaek Koryo

Team – Male; Age 31 and above Koryo 8 Jang Jitae Chonkwon Pyongwon Taebaek

Free style: athletes need to submit performance plan by Thursday 25th of June using the WC Free

style Poomsae Performance Plan Form (see attached)

Uniform Requirements: (applies to Poomsae only)

Participating contestants must wear the WTF-recognized Poomsae Competition uniform. Any

contestant who does not wear WTF-approved Poomsae competition uniform will not be permitted

to compete.

o Cadet Division (Ages 12-14): White top with red and black collar, plus blue pants for

males; the same top, but with red pants, for females. This includes Poom belt half red half

black same as dobok collar.

o Junior and Senior Division (Ages 15-50): White top with dark blue pants for males;

white top with light blue pants for females.

o Master Division (Ages 51 and up): Yellow top and dark blue pants for both males and


The end of the belt must be at least 10cm or higher above the knee.

No colourful hair ties/accessories and No jewellery or colour nail polish is to be worn.


Identification of NOC Code

Athlete must be part of the Current National Team (For Australian Athletes this means have

competed at the 2014 World Poomsae Championships or Commonwealth games)

National flag shall be located between 3.5cm below the right shoulder line of upper garment. Flag

size should be 10cm width x 7cm height.

NOC Code is a three-letter National Olympic Committee abbreviation, and it shall be printed at

the back of the upper garment of Poomsae competition uniform in black colour and centred 12cm

from the top line of the upper garment within the size of 30cm width x 12cm height. The font of

the letters shall be in bold “Verdana”.


2015 Australian Open Poomsae OC

2015 June Grading Craigieburn

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

2015 June Grading









We had a very cold day for our Grading on Sunday, however, it turned out to be a very successful day as three of Koryo Girls did a magnificent job with their Grading.

Instructor Luisa Da Silva was promoted to 4thDan

Instructor Rebecca Delia was promoted to 2nd Dan

Club Secretary Caroline Suhardjono was promoted to 1st Dan

As always 2 IC Joyce Stivala 5th Dan Head Instructor along with our assistants Bubbles and Joie ensured that the Grading went very smoothly.


Sports Taekwondo Australia

Friday, June 19th, 2015

2015 ETU Coach2015 PATU Coach








Sports Taekwondo Australia
Dear Athletes, Coaches and Officials
We wish to bring to your attention the following important information about the 2015 Australian open event:
2015 Australian open and 1st Oceania Para Championships – Entry Fees
You have submitted an entry form for the 2015 Australian Open and we look forward to seeing you in Melbourne, Australia.
Unfortunately, there has been an error regarding the entry fee. Instead of charging USD (US dollars) the on line system charged many people AUD (Australian dollars) by mistake.
We have now rectified this on the on line system, however if you were charged in $AUD instead of $USD, you will need to pay the shortfall in the entry charge when you arrive at the registration and accreditation desk. This only applies if you have been charged the incorrect $AUD entry fee.
Below is the event package notice published on 20th April 2015 showing the correct entry fees in $USD. The notice below was correct but the package contained an incorrect reference to $AUD instead of the correct $USD currency.
Discounted Registration Fees:
· US $120 per athlete (6th Australian Open & 1st Oceania Para-taekwondo Championships)
Discounted entry fee period will begin on· 23rd April and end on 30th April 2014, at 11.59pm local Swiss Time.
NB·: US $50 for each additional division registered for Australian Open
Regular Entry Fees:
· US $150 per athlete. (6th Australian Open & 1st Oceania Para-taekwondo Championships)Regular entry fee period will begin on 1st May 2015 at 12.00am local Swiss time and end on 31st May 2015 at 11.59pm local Swiss Time.

Below is the charges payable in $AUD and $USD for only those people who were charged the incorrect $AUD entry fee.
$120 entry fee – Additional fee now payable is $30 AUD or $23 USD
$150 entry fee – Additional fee now payable is $45 AUD or $34 USD
$50 entry fee – Additional fee now payable is $15 AUD or $11 USD
These fees must be paid at the registration desk in order to register and receive your accreditation.
You can pay either in $AUD (Australian dollars) or $USD (US dollars). There is no credit card payment option at the registration desk.
We apologise for this error.
Continental Union Coach Accreditation/Licence- CU Coach licence
You may be aware that in early 2015 all the WTF continental unions have passed a new regulation which requires all coaches to have their own continental union (CU) coaching licence to coach at any CU sanctioned G1 or G2 event (including other CU sanctioned events). Courses have been held for coaches in each CU.
As such, you will be required to present your CU coaching licence or accreditation (for example your ETU,PATU, ATU and AFTU coach licence – see attached) at the registration desk when you register next week. If you do not have such a licence then you will be required to pay a coaching fee of $150 AUD at the registration desk. If you have your CU licence then there is no charge. Please make sure you bring proof of your CU coach licence at the registration desk or else you will need to pay the coaching fee. Contact your relevant CU if you have any questions about your coach licence. See attachments to this email.
Over 700 athletes from 41 countries have now registered for the Australian open. We look forward to seeing you all in Melbourne, Australia and we wish you all the best of luck during the competition.
Kindest Regards
Level 5, 398 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
+61 3 9640 0600 | Fax: +61 3 9640 0611

STV 2015 Victorian Winter Championships

Friday, June 19th, 2015

STV 2015 Victorian Winter Championships State Hockey & Netball Centre.
Poomsae Saturday 25th July 4.30pm – 9.30pm
Sparring Sunday 26th July 8.30am – 4.30pm
Please note as STV is the only current affiliated Victorian TKD association with STA this event is the final qualifying selection event for Victorian athletes to be eligible compete at the 2015 STA Nationals. Online registrations open Saturday 20th June



Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Sports Taekwondo Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Anne Austin and Louise McCoach to the board of directors for a three year term.

Chairman John Walker today stated that both Anne and Louise bring a wealth of expertise and cultural change to the Board. Anne has a background in organisational change, change management and marketing, while Louise has a background in banking, finance and law, and also represented New Zealand at the 1990 Commonwea…lth Games in Triathlon.

John Walker also announced that in accordance with constitutional requirements two current directors would be stepping down from the Board. However to ensure an orderly transition of governance and other Board matters, these resignation would not take effect until later in the year.

All STAL registered and current Head Instructor/Club owner are welcome.

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Dear Head Instructors,

the STV board welcomes you to attend an Instructors Q&A, members from STV Poomsae and Officiating Committees as well as the Tournament Di…rector will be attending.

All STAL registered and current Head Instructor/Club owner are welcome.

Head Instructors we apologise for the short notice and if you are unavailable your assistant Instructor/coach is most welcome to attend in your place.

Date & Time: Friday 19th June at 9pm

Address: Schembri’s Taekwondo & Self Defence

12/445 Grimshaw St, Bundoora VIC 3083
we look forward to seeing you there,


Marco Moro
STV Board

Ps: it would be greatly appreciated if you could RSVP by email ( no later then Thursday the 18th if you will be attending.

6th Australian Open & 1st Oceania Para

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

For event information please click on the following link.

6th Australian Open & 1st Oceania Para-TKD Champs Event Outline – Apirl 17th