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2015 STA Draft Calendar

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Click on the following link to view STA’s DRAFT Calender for 2015
2015 STA Drafted Calendar – 19032015

1st British Para-Taekwondo Instructors Course

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

2015 1st British Para Taekwondo

2015 Australian Open

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

2015 Australian Open

2015 World Police Taekwondo Championships

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

World Police TaeKwonDo Federation Championships

2015 World Police Taekwondo Championships

8th to the 11th September 2015

KyeongJu city, South Korea

Sanctioned by

South Korea Government


For further information and expressions of interest to represent Australia in the WPTF contact Don Varley
. or phone: 0435 034 299

2015 WTF World Poomsae Championships

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

2015 Poomsae Championships

2015 Arnold Classic Australia

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

2015 Arnold aaaaaaaaa2015 Arnold aaaaa2015 Arnold aaaaaaaaaa2015 Arnold aaa2015 Arnold aa2015 Arnold aaaaaaaa2015 Arnold aaaaaaa2015 Arnold aaaaThe Koryo Taekwondo Centre’s Competition Team competed in the 2015 Australian  Arnold Classic on the 13th and 14th March and spent the 15th being entertained by the various Martial Arts and Body Building demonstrations.

Our Team won 60 Gold, 23 Silver and 7 Bronze Medals  in both Sparring and Poomsae which was an outstanding result against very good competitors.

Congratulation Team as you all did a wonderful job.


World University Selections 2015

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

World University Selections 2015

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




NOTE: Poomsae selected are those for which ever round number of athletes are entered. Hence if less than 8 athletes,
pairs or teams in each division Poomsae from Finals are used.



1st Round

Semi Final


Individual Female

Shipjin, T7

Pyongwon, T8

T6, Koryo

Individual Male

Keumgang, T7

Pyongwon, T6

Taebaek, Shipjin






1st Round

Semi Final



Shipjin, T8

Taebaek, Koryo

T6, Pyongwon


1st Round

Semi Final


Male Team

Pyongwon, T6

T8, Koryo

Keumgang, Shipjin


1st Round

Semi Final


Female Team

Taebaek, T7

Koryo, T6

Pyongwon, Shipjin


Koryo Taekwondo Seminar

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

2015 Poomsae Seminar








Koryo Taekwondo Seminar was well attended with a number of clubs represented.
The Seminar covered all the Taegeuk and Black Belt Forms plus Kicking Pattern and Koryo 1.
The importance of Accuracy of basic movements and Presentation were also discussed.


Arnold Classic Taekwondo Championships

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Now just a few days away, please keep abreast of updated information below for the Arnold Classic Taekwondo Championships.


Please find below some generic information we have sent out to our Sparring and Poomsae entries.  Attached for you, to pass on to the Head Instructor
if you are not qualified to sign off, is a Weigh-in Verification Form to return to us ASAP.



All Competitors OR PROXY must check in with printed competitor’s registration email and on-line ticket with barcode & pick up
PRINTED ID CARDS  and competitor kit as follows:

Thursday 12th March,  10am to 9:30pm
Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre – Main Entrance. Look for TAEKWONDO.

Registration on the Thursday can be done via a Proxy as long as the proxy has a print-out of competitor’s registration email and
on-line ticket with the barcode.  The Proxy could be your Coach, Instructor, Parent or Friend.

ID wrist bands in the kit are entry into the Martial Arts Festival Area of the Expo – Gate 1 of the Melbourne Conference Exhibition
Centre so meet up and handover of kit must be outside the Expo doors, inside MCEC, on the concourse.

Eight x 3m high teardrop martial arts flags will be in the concourse near Gate 1.  We suggest you use the TAEKWONDO flag as a
meeting point until you get your bearings at the venue.

Wrist bands will be waterproof and must be worn by competitors and officials at all times during the Martial Arts Festival – even
during competition.  They may be taped over during your event but they cannot be removed.  This ruling may be unusual for the
various martial artists but applies to all sports in the Arnold Classic and the organisers will have no exceptions.  We are following
international Arnold Classic security rules.

Every Competitor must have a Coach. Coaches will be issued with Coaches ID Cards.  Only Competitors, Coaches and Officials
will be permitted in the marshalling and warm-up areas.

Please be sure your Coach has registered by emailing his/her name to  The cut-off was
28th February but we are now able to extend for another 7 days due to the late inclusion of the STA National Poomsae
Selection Event for the World Universiade Games.


A general guide at this stage is:

Friday 13th March:            All Taekwondo Poomsae Events – times TBA

Spectacular Taekwondo Demonstration on Main Stage of Expo 6:00-6:30pm

Saturday 14th March:      All Taekwondo Sparring Events – times TBA

Sunday 15th March:         Demos and visit by Arnold Schwarzenegger to our Martial Arts Courts,

from approx. 11:20am

Further information will be posted as soon as it is available


Opening hours for the events will be:
8.30am officials shall be allowed in
9.00am competitors shall be allowed in – warm-up area opens
9.00am the ticket box will be open

9:45am the doors will open to the public (Door #1 for our events)

10:30am Competitions start


If you have entered a Pairs or Team event please check with your partner/s that they have registered.
We see some gaps that need to be filled and will be contacting you directly over the next couple of days
to chase up missing registrations.

Unpaid registrations were removed  4th March.


Please check out the Criteria on the Arnold Classic Taekwondo Registration page to familiarise yourself
with any recent amendments


Weigh-in Rules

Sparring competitors are advised that a minimum dress code of t-shirt and shorts (not underwear) will be
strictly enforced during the weigh-in with an allowance of 0.5 kgs.  Competitors not meeting their weight
category will be permitted one additional chance before closing of the weigh-in.

The Weigh-in will be run by Head Instructors at a venue of their choice by closing date.


Head instructors are required to provide accurate weights for each of their competitors prior to midnight
Sun 8-Mar.  Weigh-in Verification Form will be sent to Head Instructors and must be returned as outlined on the form.

Random weigh-ins will be conducted during the competition.  Any competitor found to be
outside of weight will be disqualified :  a 500g weigh-in allowance is allowed for clothing.



We will endeavour to post draws Weds 11th March



Each morning a schedule will be printed and pinned up in your designated area, in the warm-up  room from Thursday 13th March.



If you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd you will receive your medals right there on the mat at the conculusion of your competition.
You will then be walked over to the special Arnold Classic Podium with your fellow placegetters to have your photos taken
by friends / family.  This podium if off the competition area and open to general public for photo opportunities.
It is a shared marital arts podium so you may have to wait.



The final Martial Arts Festival  program will be distributed to all competitors and coaches (or proxies) during check-in,
Thursday 12th March.



Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (Jeff’s Shed)

1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf VIC 3006


The Arnold Classic Taekwondo Championships will be with the Martial Arts Festival,  Gate 1,
near the Clarendon Street main entrance.


Link here for Carparking options


Or install an App on your phone called cheap parking for the cheapest parking within the MCE and surrounding area
with a capacity to guide you from wherever you are.



Expo tickets will get you into the Martial Arts Festival and all other Expo Events.


Tickets can be purchased at the venue,  or online
Pre-paid tickets should fast track your entry – don’t forget your print out!

Wrist bands will be issued only to competitors and officials.



You might be making arrangements to pick up Competitor kits on behalf of your students on Thursday 12th March in which case you
can collect your Coaches ID Card (see below).  If not, we will have a Taekwondo Rep under TAEKWONDO flag, from 9am, on concourse
near Gate 1 on competition days with uncollected Coaches ID Cards to hand over to you.  Please bring ID to verify collection.

Coaches OR PROXY can check in & pick up PRINTED COACHES CARD :

Thursday 12th March,  10am to 9:30pm
Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre – Main Entrance

Registration on the Thursday can be done via a Proxy as long as the proxy has a letter of authority from the Coach
together with proof of coaching qualification.  Coaches may choose to collect their Students’  Competitor Cards & kits
on Thursday.  To do this they must have a print-out of each competitor’s registration email and on-line ticket with the barcode.    ID wrist bands in the kit are entry into the venue so meet up and handover of kit must be outside the venue.  No competitor  wristband, no competition.


All martial arts events will be Streamed Live throughout the weekend by logging on to


Taekwondo Live Streaming broadcast times will be:

Friday 13th March:            10:30am – 12:50pm

Saturday 14th March:      10:30am – 11:30am

Sunday 15th March: 10:15am – 12:35pm

2015 Arnold Classic

Friday, March 6th, 2015