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2014 WTF Taipei Poomsae Seminar Notes

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

2014 Taipei 12014 Taipei 22014 WTF Taipei Poomsae 6

2014 WTF Taipei Poomsae 5

2014 WTF Taipei Poomsae 4

2014 WTF Taipei Poomsae 3

2014 WTF Taipei Poomsae 2

2014 WTF Taipei Poomsae 1

Click on the above links to access the notes I received at the 2014  WTF Poomsae IR Seminar in Taipei.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Taipei Seminar please email me at and I will email you back with the answers.

2014 WTF Taipei Poomsae Judges Course

 The following Australians attend the recent WTF Poomsae Judge Seminar in Taipei.
All our Australian Team received WTF Graduation Certificates.


Gregory Butterworth



Inho Kang



Khim Hua Seng



Kyung Eun Yang



Linda Schragger



Raffaele Di Renzo



Russell Wood



Seong Weon Yun


Koryo Taekwondo Mother

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

2014 Susie Q2014 Susan 1






Another one of our Koryo Taekwondo Centre’s Mothers, Susan Flordeliz has achieved great results winning a Gold Medal for technical and a Silver Medal for Sparring at the recent 2014 New Zealand Open.
The Koryo Taekwondo Centre has a number of quite talented Mothers who not only train regularly but also Teach and compete in various Taekwondo Competitions.
Susan with her two children Thomas and Abigaille who are both Black Belts.


2014 Koryo Grading

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

2014 Craigieburn Grading 12014 craigieburn grading 22014 craigieburn grading 32014 craigieburn grading 52014 craigieburn grading 6As we had to cancel the Seymour Grading we organised as small grading at Craigieburn for those members who had planned to travel to Seymour.
We had support from Caroline, Joie and Sharell as they recorded the scores and presented the trophies.
Many thanks for those 3 young ladies.




2014 Koryo / City West / Fusion Sparring Comp

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

2014 City West Comp 12014 City West 22014 City West 32014 City West 42014 City West 52014 City West 112014 City West 72014 City West 82014 City West 10











































City West TKD hosted another Sparring Competition on Saturday 14th June which proved to be even better than the last one.
It was such a friendly and well organised event that all our members which included 18 competitor, coaches and families  all went home happy.
A number of our of competitors were first time fighter who now cant wait for the next event that City West puts on.


2014 Poomsae Information

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

2014 International Poomsae Judge Standardisation Seminar
2014 Poomsae_Competition_Rules_and_Interpretation_20131206

2014 Koryo Poomsae Seminar

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

2014 KORYO SEMINAR 152014 KORYO SEMINAR 142014 KORYO SEMINAR 132014 KORYO SEMINAR 122014 KORYO SEMINAR 32014 koryo seminar 22014 KORYO SEMINAR 82014 KORYO SEMINAR 62014 KORYO SEMINAR 52014 KORYO SEMINAR 42014 KORYO SEMINAR 102014 KORYO SEMINAR 112014 KORYO SEMINAR 16Once again we had both T.A and STA Members come together to make todays Poomsae / Poomsae Judges over view a great success.
We had 57 Taekwondo people from the following clubs come together to make this most enjoyable seminar,
Dan’s TKD
Hun Mu TKD
Jung Moo TKD
Maryborough TKD
Schembri’s TKD
Tigers TKD
Koryo TKD Center
The seminar covered all the Taegeuk and Black Forms up to Ilyeo with and overview of Poomsae Judging and Poomsae video analyse.
5 and 8 seconds times for the various techniques.
The various technical up dates as  preformed at the recent OTU Poomsae Judge Seminar in Perth.
Application of twisting movements with hand techniques.
Palgae Forms, Koryo 1 and Kicking Pattern were demonstrated at the seminar which created great interest.
We would like to thank Koryo’s 5th Dan Head Instructor Joyce Stivala and Hun Mu Head Instructor Diego Chiriff for their contribution towards making todays seminar a great success.
Once GM Russell Wood returns from completing the WTF International Poomsae Judge Seminar in Taipei he will organise another Poomsae Seminar which will include all the information gained whilst doing the course. This new Seminar will again be limited to 50 so if you are interested attending please advise us via email at


2014 Koryo Poomsae Seminar 4

Poomsae and Poomsae Judge Seminar

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

2014 Poomsae Judging Course

This year’s judging course will be held on July 20th at David Perry Hall, Doncaster Secondary College, Church Rd, Doncaster. Our presenter, Master Greg Butterworth, has recently completed the Oceania judging course and shall be attending the WTF judging course in Taipei in June. This course will have the latest information about rules and judging procedures. In order to keep the course duration to a minimum, Recognition of Prior learning must be shown by all new judges. GM Russell Wood who also recently completed the Oceania judging course shall assess your knowledge of patterns and sign your accreditation form. The authorised course for RPL, is to be held at Koryo Taekwondo Centre, Craigieburn Primary School, Grand Boulevard, Craigieburn, on Sunday, June 8th, from 9.00am to 2.00pm. Cost is $10.00.

The following Poomsae Seminar is now fully booked, however, if you wish to attend so that you are able to gain your Recognition of Prior Learning for the 2014 Poomsae Judging Course please contact us on one of the following, 

Phone: 0405 659 684

Koryo Taekwondo Centre

Craigieburn Primary School, Grand Boulevard Craigieburn

8th June 2014 from 9am to 2pm

Cost: $10.00

Presenter: Grand Master Russell Wood 8th Dan

Seminar Content
Taeguk and Black Belt Forms up to Hansu
5 sec and 8 sec techniques.
Start and Finish Position for the various Poomsaes.
The twisting movements for hand techniques.
Start and Finish Positions for the various Poomsae Techniques.
Poomsae Presentation.
Poomsae Judging.
0.1 and 0.3 Deductions
Poomsae Video analysis.
Freestyle Poomsae Scoring Overview.

You will require the following
A copy of the current WTF Poomsae Rules and Interpretation
Ipad with iPoomsae App or similar or 20 Copy of the Poomsae Judging Sheet.
Contact Russ Wood 0405659684 for Poomsae Rules and Judging Sheet.
Note book and pen
Warm clothing
Food and Drink
Shopping Centre is approximate 5 minute drive from the venue

Phone: 0405 659 684
Limited to 50 people.
Open to members from all Taekwondo Clubs and Organisations
Colour Belts and Juniors are welcome.