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2014 Moomba Expo Championship

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

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Hi Guys, please find detailed below a list of our medals winners and the Clubs Medal Count.

We are just so proud of all for the hard work you have put in to preparing for this years Moomba Expo Championships.

A special thank you to all the guys from Shepparton as you sure made Sammy and George very happy your results.

It goes without saying that Joyce as usual did a great job even after only a few hours sleep.

We also found another great Koryo coach in Rebecca Delia.

Well done guys and now we turn our efforts to competing in New Zealand.

2014 Moomba Expo Championships

Sparring and Technical Medals


Katrina Moutafis: 2 Gold

Ryan Schwarz: 2 Gold Dale Hunt: 1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Tom McQualter: 1 Gold &1 Bronze

Liam Schwarz:  1 Gold & 2 Silver

Jessica Eldred: 1 Silver

James Eldred: 1 Silver

Michael Eldred: 1 Silver

George Moutafis: 1 Silver

Koady Barrow: 1 Gold

Resa Nazuri: 1 Gold

David Clark: 1 Gold

Chloe Schwarz: 1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Rosali Smith: 1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Hilmi Eurgen: 1 Bronze

Sachin Pathmaper: 1 Silver &1 Bronze

Susan Flordeliz: 3 Gold & 1 Silver

George Leonidas: 1 Silver

Sharell CS Komala: 1 Gold & 2 Silver

Dinath Weerasinghe: 1 Silver

Ari Tsangaris: 2 Silver

James Vang: 1 Bronze

Remonda Haidar: 1 Gold

Christina Haidar: 1 Gold

Jake Rowe: 1 Silver

Crystoval CS Komala: 1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Caroline Suhardjono: 3 Gold


Total Medals: 21 Gold, 15 Silver & 8 Bronze




TA / STA Merger Up Date

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Monday, 17 March 2014
Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA) and Taekwondo Australia (TA) have
taken an important step towards completing a merger between the
organisations by signing a variation to the original Heads of Agreement
document inconjunction with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

This new agreement paves the way for the merger process to be completed
and details important arrangements for both organisations and their members
in the interim period until the merger is completed. Importantly, the new agreement
provides TA members with STA membership including access to all STA and WTF
events including the 2014 National Teams Selection Trials in Perth in April.

STA and TA have committed to work together to ensure that all national events,
training and workshops will be run under the guidance of the joint STA and TA
Boards as unified events.

A number of STA and TA state organisations have commenced discussion with their
counterparts regarding state level mergers and all states are encouraged to begin the
process towards the conduct of unified events.

The final step in the merge is the satisfactory completion of the Due Diligence process
being undertaken by both organisations. It is expected that this process and a final
decision to proceed with the merge will be completed in early April.

The STA and TA Boards will provide further updates as the process continues.

For further information regarding the process to register for events, please contact your
relevant organisation.

Sport Taekwondo Australia

Taekwondo Australia Ltd

The 25th WTF General Assembly

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

The 25th WTF General Assembly, succesfully held in Taipei – Read complete details here

The 25th General Assembly of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) was held today at the Ballroom of Taipei City’s Grand Hotel. Before officially starting the event, the President of the WTF, Dr Chungwon Choue, asked for a minute of silence to remember Seyithan Akbalik, the Turkish athlete who died of a heart attack at Luxor Open 2014.

After such a solemn act, followed by all the attendees, the General Assembly was carried out following the scheduled points. The first one was to approve the 24th General Assembly agreements, as well as the 2013 financial report and the 2014 budget and operational report, which eventually went ahead without any inconvenience.

After that, it was time to present and approve the changes on the WTF official competition rules, which were also given the green light by the Assembly. The main changes made to the regulations are:

– To establish the PSS and the IVR systems as the PRIME competition systems of the WTF official events

– To implement the Head PSS, differing from now on between two kinds of competitions: The ones WITH Head PSS and the ones WITHOUT

– To approve some measures aimed to transform the current Taekwondo into a more active and less passive sport:

– Extend the maximum number of Kyong-gos to 10 (5 points) for an athlete to lose a match
– Sanctioning with a Kyong-go the action of holding a leg without making any attacking movement
– Sanctioning with a Kyong-go the ‘fixing equipment gesture’ and removing the ‘requesting IVR gesture’ from the sanctioned list

After the competition rules were presented and succesfully approved by all present members, the Poomsae competition rules and the WTF statutes were also given the green light, which was followed by the announcement of the host cities for the most relevant upcoming WTF events:

– WTF World Grand Prix 2014-2015:

– 4 Grand Prix events to be held in 2014 (3 + 1 Final event):

1 – Astana (Kazakhstan), during Summer 2014
2 – Manchester (UK)
3 – Suzhou (China)
4 – Mexico City or Queretaro (Mexico) – December 2014 (Final event)

– 4 Grand Prix events to be held in 2015 (3 + 1 Final event):

1 – China
2 – UK
3 – Russia
4 – Mexico City (Mexico) – December 2015 (Final event)

– 5th WTF World Para-Taekwondo Championships – Moscow, Russia on June 21-22 2014

– 1st WTF World Deaf-Taekwondo Championships – USA (Salt Lake City or Reno) Nov. 15-16, 2014

After that, it was time to present the progress reports of three other WTF important events:

– 1st WTF World Cadet Taekwondo Championships 2014 – Baku, Azerbaijan 24-27 July 2014

– 9th WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships 2014 – Aguascalientes, Mexico October 30 – November 2nd 2014

– 2015 WTF World Taekwondo Championships – Chelyabinsk, Russia

During the 25th WTF General Assembly, the Taekwondo family gave its welcome to a new member of our sport’s governing body: Mauritania, who was approved with a big applause given by all present authorities.

Koryo Craigieburn Grading

Monday, March 17th, 2014

2014-03-16 12.23.41










On Sunday 16th March we had a first Koryo Grading for 2014 at Craigieburn the Craigieburn College.
Even though it turned out to be quite a small grading all the student preformed quite well.
We also took the opportunity to present Joie Flordeliz with her 1st Poom Kukkiwon Certificate
and conduct the TVI Northern Weigh In for the coming Moomba Competition.


WTF Poomsae Technique Times

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Gary Thorpe found a better WTF confirmed sheet detailing various Pooomsae Techniques Times.
Click on the following for details.