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2013 T.A Festival / National Update

Monday, September 30th, 2013

2013 Australian Taekwondo Festival & Nationals

The information below is provided for people attending the 2013 Australian Taekwondo Festival and National Championships in Brisbane.

~ Final Player Lists

The final Player Lists are published below. Any further changes will be based on the ‘non-show’ of players, player injuries or sparring player not making their weight divisions:

Click on the relevant link below to download the list:

~ Adjustment To Competitions

Notice to Poomsae Competitors competing in the National Championships on Sunday, 6 October.

Due to time issues the number of competitors per round has been adjusted. Numbers per round will now be as follows:

  • Preliminary Round • 20+ competitors
  • Semi Final Round  • 11-19 competitors
  • Final Round  • 1-10 competitors

This applies to all divisions (individual, pairs, teams)

~ Tournament Guide

large-image This guide provides a basic overview about Taekwondo Australia tournaments for athletes, coaches, and members of the community to gain understanding into tournament events.

This includes the intent of the various types of competition events, the roles and people who are involved in running the events, and an overview of how tournaments are officiated and judged.

Download the Guide  HERE (Please note that this is an updated version of what has been previously posted on FaceBook)

We also remind competitors doing Creative/Freestyle Poomsae to have their music in MP3 FORMAT on a USB with them as a backup.

2013 T.A Festival & Nationals

Friday, September 27th, 2013

The daily schedule for the coming 2013 T.A Festival and National events,

Thursday – All Festival Individual & Individual Freestyle Poomsae.
Friday – Festival Teams, Pairs, Family incl. Freestyle Teams & Pairs & Festival Masters Sparring.
Saturday – What’s left of Festival Sparring & WTF Cadet Sparring.
Sunday – All WTF Poomsae & 15-17 & Open Sparring.

Victorian Team Training

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Victorian Team Training at Craigieburn on the 22nd September.
What a great photo of a very happy team.
Go Victoria.

2013 Vic Team Training

2013 T.A Festival/Nationals Draw

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Click on the following links for copies of the 2013 TA Festival and National Draws.


2013 festival draw

Koryo TKD Team

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

The Koryo TKD Centre will be sending over 38 of it members to Queensland to compete in the 2013 Taekwondo Australia’s Festival and National Championships.
The Team comprises of Yellow, Blue, Red and Black Belts plus Head Instructors Joyce Stivala, Sammy Rachele Grand Master Russell Wood. Our Koryo Team will compete in Sparring, Breaking, Self Defence, Traditional and Creative Poomsae.
Some of the Koryo Team in their new Victorian Doboks which were supplied to us by Jols.


T.A 2013 Festival and National Championships

Monday, September 16th, 2013

2013 Australian Taekwondo Festival and Nationals Entry Deadline Extended

Due to the 0.5 kg sparring weight allowance, It has come to our notice that contestants who have entered the Festival and/or Nationals may not be aware that if they are on the border line of their weight division, that they can enter either the lower or higher weight division, or both weight divisions if they wish to contest extra fights.
Contestants who do enter more than one weight division however must be aware of the following:
  • All events require that players not presenting themselves with their coaches after 3 calls will be disqualified. You must therefore ensure that you consult with your coach to ensure that you have sufficient coaches available for you to contest more than one weight division.
  • TAPS athletes can only receive points in a single weight division. This will be recorded as your best result of the two fights.
We are also aware that many TAPS athletes have also entered the Festival as a ‘warm-up’ for the following day’s National Championships and TAPS events. This is permissible, with the exception of Cadet Divisions who will be contesting their TAPS event on the same day as the Festival.
Non-TAPS entrants who have entered divisions with ‘Head Kicks’ please note that the Tournament Director will review all divisions which have a mixture of Non-TAPS and TAPS contestants. In cases where there are TAPS contestants, you will be contacted and given the choice of either:
  • contesting the division as it stands, or;
  • where there is only one Non-TAPS contestant, this will be treated as you being the only contestant in your division and you can elect to be either a non contested player or move to the next weight division with a Non-TAPS player, or;
  • where there are two or more Non-TAPS contestants, you will all be placed in a separate division.
In other words, there is no impact on you competing because it will be your choice, but please consult your coach once you have been contacted.
Due to the above, the closing date for all entries has been extended to Wednesday, 18 September 2103.

2013 T.A Festival and National Guide

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

In the lead up to the 2013 Australian Taekwondo Festival and National
Championships, TA has published a tournament guide to provide some explanations
of various aspects of competition:
Click on the following link for details.

2013 1 Taekwondo Australia Tournament Guide (V1.0)

Taekwondo NSW Seminar

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013










The above is a photo of the members who attended the T.A Poomsae Seminar presented by Grandmaster Lee Kyu Hung who was supported by  Grandmaster Ko.




















Left to right, Grandmaster Russell Wood, Grandmaster Lee Kyu Hung and Grandmaster Ko.

The Training With Legends Poomsae Seminar was held at Yang’s Taekwondo Centre in Belmore NSW on the 7th September.
The Seminar was presented by 9th Dan Grandmaster Lee Kyu Hung who is a very highly respected Taekwondo Legend.
The main content of the seminar was about the use of practical Taekwondo techniques which can prove effective in Self Defence.
Grandmaster Lee also stated that powerful techniques and kia were most important when performing Poomsae.
He also pointed out that each individual and club would have a slightly different style which should be taken into account when judging competition Poomsae.
It is my opinion that the Poomsae techniques being taught by Taekwondo Australia’s are basically in line with Grandmaster Lee’s teachings.
The following are notes which I recorded at the Seminar that some Taekwondo Practitioners may not be aware of,

In Forward Stance the body should be at an angle of approximately 30 degree’s.

In Back Stance the body should be at an angle of approximately 45 degree’s.

When performing Nullomakki in Taegeuk 4 the hand should start from a similar high as that used in Poomsae Koryo.

When performing Kawi Makki the body should twist approximately 30 degree so that the lower block is done as per a single lower block.

When performing Jebipoom Mokchigi the knife hand strike hand can start from the hip or the shoulder.

When performing Batangson Momtong Makki the hand should finish at the solar plexus.

When performing Khaljaebi in Poomsae Hansu the striking hand should start with a close fist from the hip.

Koryo Shepparton Grading

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Well it was another Great Koryo Grading at Shepparton with over 70 students age from 4 to 50 passing their grading.
It is always a pleasure to visit our Shepparton Koryo Club and catch up with Sammy, his Family, Instructors and Students.

Photo includes Grand Master Russell Wood, Head Instructor Sammy Rachele and Trophy winner Susan Flordeliz.



2013 T.A Australian Poomsae Team

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

The Koryo Taekwondo Centre would like to congratulate the T.A Australian Team who competed at the recent 2013 World Hanmadgang in Korea.
This team proved that Australian Poomsae has come along way in last few years.

Gold – Melissa Kenihan, Individual Poomsae

Gold – Bronwyn Butterworth, Individual Poomsae

Gold – Cesar Osorio, Individual Poomsae

Gold – David Atkinson, Individual Poomsae

Gold – Cesar Osorio, Eric Phan and Reza Hassani, Team Poomsae

Silver – Bronwyn Butterworth and David Atkinson, Pairs Poomsae

Silver – Ron Bergen, Fist Power Breaking

Silver – Reza Hassani, Fist Power Breaking

Silver – Phil Monaghan, Foot Power Breaking

Silver – Eric Phan, Foot Power Breaking

Bronze – David White, Knife Hand Power Breaking

Bronze – Phil Monghan, All-round Breaking

Bronze – John Kfoury, Foot Power Breaking

David Atkinson takes the Gold.

2013 david atkinson

2013 Hanmadang