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T.A Poomsae Judges Course

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Some 50 Taekwondo Australia members attended todays (28th April) Poomsae Judges Course at the Darebin YMCA.
Taekwondo Australia organised the Course inconjunction with T.V.I’s Technical Committee and Poomsae Judge Presenters Robert Schembri, David Atkinson and Russell Wood.
T.V.I’s new Technical Director Melissa Kenahan with the support of Grant Mason, Bronwyn Butterworth, Frank De Pasquale and Jensen Lai did a great job in preparing the necessary paper work to run a very successful course.


TVI Sparring Event

Friday, April 26th, 2013

TVI 2013 Sparring Open TAPS Competition Tourament Pack is now available from the TVI Website.
Details are available from the righthand side bar. See below,

2013 01-May 26 TAPS Open Details

2013 MAY Sparring Tournament Pack

Entries Close on Thursday 23rd May



Shepparton April Grading

Monday, April 22nd, 2013


On the 21st April the Koryo Taekwondo Centre held a Grading at Shepparton which attaracted some 65 students ranging from white belts to 1st Gup.
Sheppartons Head Instructor Sammy Rachele with his team of Instructors prepared all the students to a high level of skill and knowledge which allowed them all to pass their grading.
Well done Shepparton.


















Koryo TKD Poomsae Seminar

Monday, April 15th, 2013

On Sunday 14th April MTC Instructor Bianca Jones and 30 of her students attend a Poomsae Seminar at Schembris TKD Centre.
The Seminar was organised and presented by Koryo Taekwondo’s Grand Master Russell Wood and Head Instructor Joyce Stivala.
The Seminar covered general basic techniques, all the Taeguek and Black Belt forms up to Hunsu plus general knowledge for Technical Competitions.
As the venue has two separate training area’s the main area was used for practical training whilst the other area was used to display the recently released Kukkiwon videos.
These Seminars can be arranged for any Australian Clubs regardless of the organisation they belong to.
Contact the Koryo Taekowndo Centre at



Sunday, April 14th, 2013
Partners with Continental Association to expand youth engagement in Asia
11 April 2013; Lausanne: In partnership with the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), the Olympic Council of Asia will host the Taekwondo Youth Camp in Bangkok, Thailand, for the Asian Youth Development Project in 2013.
The partnership has been founded on the WTF and OCA’s shared goal of promoting sport, healthy lifestyles and Olympism to young people. The OCA’s focus on making the Olympic Movement more accessible in Asia has allowed the WTF to participate in encouraging taekwondo and the philosophies which surround it to the youth in this region.
OCA President, H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah, expressed his delight that the Youth Camp in 2013 will centre around an Olympic sport, adding that:
“Taekwondo has strong following in Asia; I hope all of our young athletes will learn and improve themselves from the Youth Camp so that they can promote and spread Taekwondo to a wider global audience.”
The World Taekwondo Federation’s President Choue commented on the partnership:
“It is such a great honour for the World Taekwondo Federation to work with the Olympic Council of Asia. We are all thrilled to have been selected by the Council, and are looking forward greatly to the Youth Camps in July.
“These Camps are important occasions for international youth sport. Every year, they offer young people the opportunity to come together with others from all over the continent – to share experiences and build international relationships, as well as to promote fair play and sportsmanship, and to nurture great sporting skill – all things fundamental to the practise of Taekwondo.”
At the Camp, each of the OCA’s 45 National Olympic Committees are invited to send two athletes (one male and one female) and one coach for a 10-day programme aimed at improving their knowledge and skill. This training can then be disseminated back to each of the NOC countries, promoting that sport more extensively throughout Asia.
The World Taekwondo Federation will also provide 2-3 experts who will lecture and supervise the training at the OCA camp in 2013.
OCA and WTF will announce the date of Taekwondo Youth Camp 2013 in the near future.