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Cancelled Classes

Friday, August 24th, 2012
Please be advised that the following classes will be cancelled whilst I’m in Korea.
Craigieburn College
Thursday 30th August
8.30pm to 9.30pm (free class)
Craigieburn College
Friday 31st August
7.00pm to 8.30pm
All other classes will be as normal.
You can call  on Viber if you need any information from me.

August 2012 Sheppartom Grading

Monday, August 20th, 2012









Some 70 Koryo Taekwondo Members attended the Sheppartom Grading on Sunday which turn out to be a long but very fruitful day
We had 22 New White belts sit for their Yellow Belts with all of them pasting which was due to Sammy and his team of Passion it Instructors.
The High Light of the day was when George Moutafis received his 1st Dan Black Belt.
George  had to preform 18 different forms which included all the Palgae and Taeguk plus Koryo, quite a feat when you consider  the rest of the grading requirements.
We also had students attend from Broadford and Roxburgh Park who all passed their grading.
The above photos include George Moutafis with Master Instructor Russell Wood with the photo showing the group of White and Yellow Belts.  



2012 Korean Hanmadang

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Taekwondo Australia organised a selection Championship for the 2012 Korean Hanmadang which will be held at the Kukkiwon on the 28th August to the 31st August.
As not all of the competitors from this selection competition were able to join the Australian Team, Taekwondo Austrailia advertised to its members that there was an opportunity for them to join the Australian Team. This opportunity to our members resulted in making a Australian Team of 13 members.
Not only did Taekwondo Australia supply the Australian Team with Tracksuits, Polo Tops and Belts they also support the Australian Team with considerable financial assistance which is of course very much appreciated. We would also would like to thank Jols  Martial Supplies for their generous support and the high quality workmanship which went into the embroidery of the Adidas Team wear.

The Australian Team is make up with the following competitors,
Manager and Coach: Russell Wood (Poomsae)
Team Director John Gradisar (Breaking)
Team Director Hassan Iskander (Breaking)
Bronwyn Butterworth (Poomsae)
Joseph Tamer (Poomsae & Breaking)
Robert Pace(Poomsae)
Phillip Monaghan (Poomsae & Breaking)
Hiep Hoa Phan  (Poomsae & Breaking)
Shane Mckeahnie (Breaking)
Rezi Hassan  (Poomsae & Breaking)
Jean El Kfoury (Breaking)
David White (Breaking)
Richard Vinh Huynh (Poomsae & Breaking)





Sachin Pathmaperuma

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Congratulation are in order for Sachin as he gained the right to attend The Melbourne High School in 2013.
Sachin certainly work hard to gain his position as The Melbourne High School only selected 230 applicants out 5159.
Well done and keep up the good work.



2012 Bev Walker Trophy

Sunday, August 12th, 2012
























The above photos are from the 2011 Bev Walker Trophy.

Information and Application Forms are now available for the 2012 BevWalker Trophy from the right hand side bar.
This competition is open to all Taekwondo regardless of the organisation the are registered with.
The events at this competition are Individual WTF standard poomsae, Individual Creative Poomsae, Family Poomsae and Team Poomsae.
All Individual Poomsae events will result in medals for competitors plus Trophies for the Best Competitors and  Best club on the day.


London Olympic Tekwondo Closes by Making History

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

London Olympic Taekwondo Closes by Making History
Gabon celebrates first medal in Olympic history

August 11, 2012, London – If there is one story that of the London 2012 Olympic Games that embodies the spirit, values, and ideals of Olympism, it is the final medal matches of the tekwondo competition.

Italian Carlo Molfetta won the men’s +80kg in one of the most dramatic and exciting matches of the London Games, and perhaps taekwondo’s Olympic history. But the rest of the story was that Anthony Obame of Gabon accomplished the unthinkable by winning his country the first-ever Olympic medal – a silver medal.

The two medalists embraced and raised each others’ hands in true sportsmanship and admiration for one another as their match was left to judges’ decision.

Obame maintained a lead throughout the gold-medal match against Italian Carlo Molfetta until late in the third round when Molfetta tied it up 9-9 pushing the match into the “golden point” overtime round. But neither competitor managed to score, and the decision eventually went to the judges and the two athletes endured an intense wait for the final verdict.

This was the second consecutive Olympics that taekwondo was the source of a nation’s first Olympic medal. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Rohullah Nikpah won Afghanistan’s first-ever medal following it up with the country’s second medal in London. Both were bronze and both were won after having to fight through repechage matches to get to the medal round.

But there was far more to the night to taekwondo’s fourth and final night in the London Games.

London 2012 was Serbia’s first appearance in taekwondo at the Olympic Games and it was golden.

Serbia’s Milica Mandic won her country’s first gold medal in London as she upset world No. 1 Anne-Caroline Graffe of France. The athletes took turns advancing and drawing even throughout the match. But in the end, it was Mandic that took the gold and Graffe with the silver.

To get to the final seventh-seed Serbia’s Milica Mandic stunned second-seed and Beijing Olympic gold medalist Maria Espinoza of Mexico to move to the semifinals. She then upset third-seeded Anastasia Baryshnikova of Russia in the semifinal match.

Mandic is the current world taekwondo bronze medalist.

Anastasia Baryshnikova from Russia took a bronze medal away from Korean contender In-Jong Lee by golden point after tying at official time 6-6. The hard fought match put the European gold medal champion in a position to take the bronze.

In Jong Lee had to qualify for the women’s +67kg bronze-medal match through repechage after finalist Graffe defeated her in a shocking and thrilling quarterfinal match. Lee was dominant in here preliminary and repechage matches, but couldn’t shake her Russian counterpart for the bronze.

Cuba’s Robellis Despaigne dominated his repechage match winning by point gap 14:2 at the end of round 2 to face off Mali’s giant Daba Modibo Keita for the first of two men’s bronze medal matches of the night. However, after an injury during his semifinal match against gold medalist Molfetta, he had to withdraw and Despaigne took the bronze.

Beijing Olympic gold medalist Maria del Rosario Espinoza of Mexico shutout her Samoan competitor Talitiga Crawley by point gap 13-0 to move onto to taking the second women’s +67kg bronze medal defeating Glenhis Hernandez of Cuba.

Best Olympic Tekwondo Competition Yet

Sunday, August 12th, 2012


Electric atmosphere at ExCeL Arena as fans see medals won by 17 countries… and counting

London, 11 August 2012: The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) today hailed the London 2012 taekwondo tournament as the “best Olympic taekwondo competition yet”, with 24 medals already distributed among 17 nations, and more to come in today’s final two sessions.

There are still eight medals up for grabs on day four of the taekwondo competition, with Spain currently top of the taekwondo medal table with three. Some of the highlights so far include a gold medal for 19 year-old Jade Jones of Great Britain in her first Olympic Games, first golds of London 2012 for Turkey and Argentina, and a second consecutive bronze for Afghanistan’s Rohullah Nikpai.

Speaking at a wrap-up press conference at London’s ExCeL Arena on the final day of the taekwondo competition, Dr Chungwon Choue, WTF President, said:

“It really has been an amazing four days of competition. So many countries made history here by getting their first medals in the sport of taekwondo, and some even their first or only medals of their Games. The taekwondo family is already looking ahead to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. In just a short time we will be forming a special task force to begin the preparations. Our experience here in London will certainly guide taekwondo to another successful Olympics in Rio.”

Jean-Marie Ayer, WTF Secretary General, said:

“We still have two sessions to go, but already I think it is fair to say that the London 2012 competition has been the best Olympic taekwondo competition yet, just as we said it would be. Anyone who has been here, and heard the noise, and seen the flags will tell you the same thing: the atmosphere has been very, very special. We have had nearly six thousand people in the arena three times a day for three days, and they have been treated to some spectacular bouts.”

Servat Tazegul, who won Turkey’s first gold medal of the Games in the -68kg final on Thursday, said:

“Competing in London has been such an amazing experience for me. The facilities and the organisation have been top class. But the best thing has been the crowds. The stadium was full for every round, and the noise was incredible. When I fought Martin Stamper in the semi-final, the atmosphere was just electric. I’m so proud to have won gold for Turkey. When you think of world-class fighters like Stamper, Jennings and Nikpai, you know you will have to perform at your very best. Luckily, I was able to do that.”

3rd Day of Olympic Taekwondo

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Argentina, Korea Grab One Gold Medal Each on 3rd Day of Olympic Taekwondo Competition

Crismanich takes Argentina’s first gold of the London Olympics

August 11, 2012, London – A golden night for Korea and Argentina saw the energy of the first two days of competition at the taekwondo venue of the London 2012 Olympic Games carry over to a third.

Sebastian Crismanich of Argentina captured not only his nation’s first gold medal in taekwondo at the Olympics, but the first gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. He did so in a nail-biting 1-0 victory over Spain’s Nicolas Garcia Hemme.

Crismanich easily passed through the preliminary and quarterfinal rounds, but also had to edge through his semifinal match.

Korean Kyung-Seon Hwang, the gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, doubled her weight in gold by defending her title of Olympic champion in the women’s -67kg division.

Hwang came out charging and never let up as she proved worthy of the gold medal defeating silver-medal winner from Turkey, Nur Tatar. She had little trouble making her way to the gold-medal match. She shut-out her opponent in the semifinal match 7-0.

Nur Tatar had no trouble making it to the finals either, but just couldn’t keep up with the two-time gold medalist.

Great Britain’s fans found something to cheer about again as Lutalo Muhammad claimed a bronze medal after a quarterfinal loss to finalist Nicolas Garcia Hemme of Spain.

The power, speed and tenacity of Great Britain’s Lutalo Muhammad, not to mention the energy that the crowd offered him, proved to be too great for Armenian Arman Yeremyan as Lutalo claimed a bronze in the men’s -80kg competition. He also pushed passed Athens Olympic bronze medalist Yousef Karami from Iran in the same manner in the repechage.

The first bronze-medal match for the women’s -67kg displayed American Paige McPherson’s dominate style as she breezed past German Franka Anic to take the title of Olympic medalist. McPherson plowed through her repechage contest to a 15-3 point-gap victory against Grenada’s Andrea St Bernard to reach the bronze-medal match with Anic.

Helena Fromm of Germany can now add Olympic bronze medalist to her list of achievements after defeating Australian Carmen Marton, well done Carmen we are all very proud of  you. Fromm is the current World Champion bronze medalist and had to work her way through repechage after a quarterfinal defeat by gold medalist Kyung-Seon Hwang.

Italian Mauro Sarmiento is taking home more Olympic hardware as he defeated Afghan Nesar Ahmed Bahawi for the bronze. Sarmiento was the Beijing Olympic silver medalist, but bowed out semifinals after falling to gold medalist Crismanich.


Olympic Taekwondo News

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Jade Jones’ Gold Makes Olympic History in U.K. Taekwondo. 

Tazegul, Nikpah also make history for Turkey, Afghanistan
August 9, 2012, London – Day two of taekwondo at the London Olympic Games brought waves of Great Britain’s Union Flag and massive cheers as Jade Jones took the gold medal in the women’s -57kg final to go with her historic Youth Olympic Games gold medal from Singapore 2010.

Jade jones

Jones, making history by capturing Great Britain’s first-ever gold in taekwondo in the Olympic Games, had no problem making her way to the finals. She won each of her matches with comfortable point margins just as she did to be crowned as the Olympic gold medal champion.

Jones took the lead in the last seconds of the second round of the match and kept her contender Hou Yuzhou from China at bay until she secured the win with a 6 to 4 victory. Hou kept up with Jones in the gold-medal final for most of the match, but time wasn’t enough for this talented athlete to finish what she started.

In the men’s -68kg competitions, Turkey’s Servet Tazegul wowed the crowd as he worked his way to the gold-medal match against Mohammad Bagheri Motamed of Iran to capture Turkey’s first-ever gold for taekwondo in the Olympics, as well. Tazegul’s gutsy performance of bold and dynamic maneuvers edged out Bagheri Motamed for the gold.
The bronze-medal matches really set the tone for the evening session. Each one built upon the excitement of the last and with each one ending in dramatic fashion.American Terrance Jennings and Rohullah Nikpah of Afghanistan won their bronze medals the hard way by fighting their ways back through repechage matches.
Jennings took on Diogo Silva from Brazil in a powerfully dynamic match that he also won with a last second head kick to take the edge and claim the prize 8 to 5.
The history-making Nikpah edged out Great Britain’s Martin Stamper in one of the most dramatic matches of the night. Just as Jennings before him, he also come to the bronze-medal match by way of repechage and overcame host country favorite Stamper 5 to 3 to acquire Afghanistan’s only second medal in Olympic history.
Nikpah won the first medal for his country at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in taekwondo. It was also a bronze.
Marlene Harnois of France won her stunning match against Mayu Hammada of Japan with a thrilling last second head kick that put her up 12 to 8 to clinch her bronze medal.

Chinese Taipei’s Tseng Li-Cheng dominated Finland’s Suvi Mikkonen in the second women’s bronze-medal match winning by point gap 25 seconds into the third round with a score of 14 to 2.

Afghanistan’s Taekwondo Hero Rohullah Nikpah Makes Another History at London Olympics


Mr. Rohullah Nikpah, a taekwondo hero in Afghanistan, has made another history in London, Great Britain on Aug. 9, 2012, as he won a bronze medal in the men’s -68kg category of the 2012 London Olympic Games.
For the war-torn Afghanistan, the medal was the second of its kind in its 76-year Olympic history in any sport. Mr. Nikpah, 24, earned his country a bronze medal in taekwondo at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which was the first-ever Olympic medal for Afghanistan.

In a bronze-medal contest in the men’s -68kg division at the ExCel London, Mr. Nikpah, a bronze medalist at the 2011 World Taekwondo Championships, brushed aside a stiff challenge from host Great Britain’s Martin Stamper and won the match 5-3.

“I am so happy to win another Olympic medal. I have trained quite a lot for the gold medal,” said Mr. Nikpah shortly after the bronze-medal contest. “My thanks go to the Afghan people and my special thanks to my Korean coach Mr. Min Shin-hak.”
He said, “If another chance is given to me, I am willing to participate in the next Olympics for the gold medal. Taekwondo is the most popular sport in Afghanistan and as long as taekwondo maintains its Olympic status, Afghans, especially young people, can keep dreaming.” “Taekwondo is really giving hope and dreams to the world.”
Mr. Nikpah, who participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games through a wild-card invitational ticket, grabbed a ticket to the 2012 London Olympic Games by winning the third place in the men’s -68kg category at the Asian Taekwondo Qualification Tournament in November 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mr. Nikpah, who underwent months of hard training in Korea prior to the opening of the London Olympic Games, said his achievement was made reality with a combination of support of the IOC Solidarity program and the continued efforts of the Afghanistan Taekwondo Federation. He was an Olympic Solidarity scholarship recipient.
Another Afghan athlete, Mr. Nesar Ahmad Bahave, was also qualified for the taekwondo competition at the London Olympic Games. He was the gold medalist at the WTF Asian Taekwondo Qualification Tournament for the London Olympic Games. “Now I am praying for his gold medal,” Mr. Nikpah said.

Taekwondo’s Day One in London

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Taekwondo’s Day One in London Energizes the ExCel Center
Wu and Gonzalez take first Taekwondo gold of the London Games

Congratulations to Salwan Khalil from Australia on his out standing performance in London.
All the members of the Koryo Taekwondo in Melbourne along with the rest of Australia are all very  proud of your efforts.

August 8, 2012 London – Day one of the Taekwondo competitions of the London 2012 Olympic Games found energized audiences and incredible displays of athleticism as the Women’s -49kg and Men’s -58kg battled it out for their Olympic dreams at the ExCel Center.

Wowing fans in a sold out venue, Wu Jin Gyu of China and Joel Gonzalez carried fans as they advanced through every stage of the competition to claim their rightfully earned gold medals.

The two Olympic Champions dominated as they worked through the competition overcoming world-class athletes. But this day belonged to Wu and Gonzalez, proving why they are the world’s best.

Wu, is the defending Olympic Champion from the Beijing 2008 Games, won her second Olympic gold in as many Olympic appearances. Gonzalez is the reigning World Champion and held the highest number of ranking points of any of the number one seeds.

The two time gold medalist from China won her quarterfinal and semifinal by point gap of over 12 points. Ms. Wu won her preliminary and gold medal final matches by eight and seven points respectively.

The Spanish gold medalist barely got passed Swedish athlete Uno Sanli with a last second point in the preliminary match. After the first match scare, Gonzalez built on every match until he finally won the final by nine points.

Silver medalists Brigitte Yague and Dae-hoon Lee also gave impressive performances throughout the competition. Yague was the third seeded athlete for the -49Kg women and breezed through the competition until her semifinal match against bronze medalist Chanatip Sonkham when she had to come from a 6 point deficit in the third round to overcome the seventh seeded Thai athlete to win 10-9 and advance to the final where she won the bronze after an 8-1 defeat by Wu.

Dae-hoon didn’t have as easy of a time as his female counterpart. Endured two golden-point challenges and narrowly defeated bronze medalist Alexey Denisenko by one point to advance to the final match. Lee is the World Champion in the -63kg and was unseeded in the -58kg division at the Olympics.

In the bronze medal matches, all medal winners were semifinalists, beating out their repechage opponents to secure their positions.

For the women Thailand’s Chanaplin Sonkham endured dramatic loss to silver medalist Brigitte Yague, but easily fended off a challenge from Elizabeth Zamora, who fought valiantly, with a 8-0 victory.

Lucija Zaninovic, half of Croatia’s superstar Taekwondo twins, won her bronze with a dramatic finish with a golden-point overtime win after struggling in her match against the gold medalist. Lucija’s sister Ana will compete on August 9th for a medal of her own

Alexey Denisenko of Russia defeated Salwan Khalil from Australia after suffering a defeat by the silver medalist. The active bronze medal match proved the strength that Denisenko possesses.

Oscar Munoz of Columbia won his countries first medal in the sport of Taekwondo. He defeated Tamer Bayoumi from Egypt.

More action will take place over the next three days at the ExCel Center in London and Taekwondo continues on during the 2012 Olympic Games. More exciting action is expected as previous Olympians seek to establish legacies and new comers looking to make their mark.