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2012 Victorian Individual Selections

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012












Our Koryo Team of competitors did a wonderful job at todays Victorian Individual Selections displaying not only great Taekwondo skills but also a very high level of sportsmanship.
Current medal count with more to come, Gold 26, Silver 8, Bronze 7
Koryo Team members are as follows,
Rachel McIntosh 2 Gold
Amanda Tripptree 2 Bronze
Isabella Rachele 1 Bronze
Crystoval CS Komala 2 Gold
Sachin Pathmaperuma 1 Gold 1 Silver
Brendon Leeder 1 Gold 1 Silver
Delwyn Kodippele 1 Gold
Sharell CS Komala 2 Gold
Joie Flordeliz 2 Silver
Jessica Iljazov 2 Gold
William French 1 Silver
Wayne van den Tol 1 Gold
Kiara Delia 1 Gold
Rebekah McClelland
Courtney McClelland 1 Silver
Chloe Schwarz 1 Bronze
Taylor Bryant 1 Gold
Rebecca Sturrock 1 Gold
Rebecca Delia 1 Gold
Ryan Schwarz 1 Gold
Shannon Hogg 1 Bronze
Chancey Bandara
Mitchell Connor
Liam Schwarz
Nick Dhanawardhane 1 Gold
Adrian Bryant 1 Gold
Katrina Moutafis 1 Bronze
Brittany Drysdale 1 Silver
Caroline Suhardjono 1 Gold
David Clark 1 Gold
Matthew Fenech 1 Bronze
Sammy Rachele 2 Gold
Russell Wood 3 Gold 1 Silver
As our results become available we will add them to the above competitors.
Many thanks to out Koryo parents for their support today.



Urgent Notice from T.V.I regarding selections

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Urgent letter from TVI regarding the 2012 Victorian Sparring and Poomsae Selections
2012 TVI Letter

London 2012 Olympic Games Taekwondo

Monday, July 16th, 2012

A Provisional Draw sheet is now available from the W.T.F Website.

Koryo Grading

Sunday, July 15th, 2012























This months Koryo T.K.D Grading at Craigieburn turned out to be an exciting day as not only did we gain a number of new Yellow and Blue belts but we also had Dale Bryce from Eclipse T.K.D in NSW sit for his 6th Dan.
The Koryo students were very impressed with Dale’s Taekwondo skills and his general attitude to everybody.
It was great to see all the Koryo students and Dale Bryce past their grading with such discipline and dedication.
The trophies for best students on the day went to Malina Jajo, Jayden Pallisco, Kiara Delia and Daniel Calafiore.
As always Joyce Stivala did a wonderful job grading the White and Yellow Belts along with insuring all the paper work was completed correctly.
We also need to thank Matt, Crys for their support and the parents for bringing their children along and then sitting in the cold hall.
Well done everybody.

London 2012 Olympic Games – PSS Hit Level & Chest Protector Size Chart

Saturday, July 14th, 2012
London 2012 Olympic Games – PSS Hit Level & Chest Protector Size Chart

July 2, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

The official PSS hit level and size of chest protector for London 2012 Olympic Games was announced and released on June 27. However we are posting the chart here as many coaches claimed that they did not receive the information. Thank you.

Best regards,

Jeongkang Seo

Sport Director

World Taekwondo Federation


PSS Hit Level & Chest Protector Size Chart

London 2012 Olympic Games


M – 58 Kg

M – 68 Kg

M – 80 Kg

M + 80 Kg

F – 49 Kg

F – 57 Kg

F – 67 KG

F + 67 Kg










Hit Level










T. A Inc Coaching Accreditation Scheme

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Taekwondo Australia Inc Coaching Accreditation Scheme

Level 1 – Sports Specific Taekwondo Coaching Course

Sunday 19th  August, 2012; Venue- TBA

Details and Application Form are available from side bar.

 (2012 coach_course_aug_) Red Text


Koryo Training at Shepparton

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Well what a great day we had training at Sammy Rachele’s and family Shepparton Koyro Taekwondo Centre.
The 2 hour fitness and sparring session had everybody working very hard which of course will help them a the Victorian Selections.
Sammy Rachele who is the Head Instructor for the Shepparton area did a great job organising the fitness tests.

Jumping Jack (Crys) Flash






Victorian Team Selection Information

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Victorian Technical Selection Competition (Closing Date 18th July 2012)

Sunday 22nd July, 2012
All Individual Poomsae events. All Breaking events.
Darebin YMCA, 857 Plenty Road, Reservoir
Registration from 8am
Competition starts at 8.30am

Sunday 29th July
All Team and Pair events.
State Netball & Hockey Centre, Brens Drive, Parkville
Registration from 8am Competition starts at 8.30am
Full details are available from the side bar. Refer state selection poomsae tournament.

Victorian Sparring Selection Competition (Closing Date 24th July 2012)
State Netball & Hockey Centre, Brens Drive, Parkville
Sunday July 29th, 2012
11.00 am – Interstate & Regional Victoria competitors weigh in starts.
11.00 am – Officials and Referees
11.30 am – Referee/Coaches briefing
12.30 pm – 14 to 17 years- Start 01.00 pm
12.30 pm – Novices (all divisions) – Start 01.00 pm
01.30 pm – 14 –15 – Start 02.00 pm
02.00 pm – Under 14 All Belts – Start 03.00 pm
03.00 pm – Seniors and Masters – Start 04.30 pm
09.00 pm – Approximate finish – Pack up

City and Metropolitan Clubs Competitors weigh-in will be conducted on Saturday July 28th, 2012  from 5.00pm to 7.00 pm at the State Netball & Hockey Centre, Brens Drive,Parkville.

Inter-State and Regional Victoria competitors can weigh-in on the day prior to the
competition commencement starting at 11.00 am.
To accommodate those who may be travelling long distances, weigh-in for these competitors  will be available throughout the day. Please note: You will need to be ready to compete when called.

Protective Equipment:Competitors must provide and wear WTF approved protective equipment (head protector,
mouth guard [clear or white], arm guards, shin guards, groin guardmales  [females optional], hand gloves, foot gloves and body protector).

No Damaged Equipment will be allowed
Full details are available from the side bar. Refer 2012 State Selection Tournament.



WTF United & Inspired

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

WTF United & Inspired: Productive Pre-Games Global Gathering for Taekwondo Family
Suzhou, China, June 11, 2012 — IOC Vice President, Yu Zaiqing of China, heralded the World Taekwondo Federation’s Referee and Coach Joint Training Camp for the London 2012 Olympic Games as a “novel and significant initiative to ensure the fairness of the Olympic taekwondo competitions.”

The camp, which is running from June 8-12, has brought together coaches, referees, and WTF Council members from across taekwondo’s 202 member national associations. The primary goal is to focus the global taekwondo community on delivering a successful Olympic competition, celebrating fair play, sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit.
The camp has provided a forum for all the delegates to share their hopes and aspirations for London 2012. In his address to the delegates, Mr. Yu began by underlining what a critical time the period from now until the end of the Games is for the WTF. He went on to say:
“I’m very pleased to see that the reform of the World Taekwondo Federation has achieved great success in the past years, especially in the aspect of fair adjudication. Organizing the Referee and Coach Joint Training Camp before the Olympic Games is a novel and significant initiative to ensure the fairness of the Olympic taekwondo competitions. The London Olympics will serve as a perfect platform for the sport of taekwondo to showcase its beauty and philosophy.”
Mr. Yu concluded his address by wishing the taekwondo family great success for the future, and urged the gathered stakeholders to safeguard “the purity and integrity of the sport”.
Ivan Dibos, IOC member and WTF Vice President, also addressed the meeting. He said:
“Our sport is clean and fair to the highest level. Your behavior in London will count a lot. You will be the main carrier of our image. The main task for people involved in the management of the sport – like NOCs, IFs, IOC members – is the welfare of the athletes. Referees and coaches: please always remember that the athletes are the reason for us to be here.”
President of the WTF, Dr. Chungwon Choue, said:
“We are one family and we approach the future of our sport together. We must display only the best of our sport to the world in London. Olympic spirit and sportsmanship are expected from each of us. This must be our first duty, always. We have done our best to make great changes in our sport and our organization.  We have increased transparency and fair play in our competitions, but we have to continue to do even better.”
Dr. Choue asked the referees to “stand for fair play” and reminded them that they are the “gatekeepers” of the athletes’ Olympic dreams.  He reiterated to the coaches their responsibility to be role models for their athletes:
“Teach them the Olympic values, and then show them how to live them. It doesn’t matter if the color of the medal is gold, silver or bronze. The Olympic dream is bigger than that. Every athlete is a member of our taekwondo family. We must celebrate each of them, whether they win or lose.”
WTF Council Members, national team coaches, and Olympic referees from each of the five Olympic continents each defined their expectations and objectives for London 2012 as key stakeholders. They also called upon each other to do their utmost to display the Olympic values and spirit. The WTF’s leadership is confident that every delegate will leave the meeting optimistic and focused for the London 2012 taekwondo competition, which kicks off at the ExCeL Arena on Aug. 8.