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2012 New Zealand

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

The New Zealand Open will be held in Auckand on the 17th and 18th March and will cater for both Sparring and Poomsae.
The Koryo TKD Club plans to attend this competition and would be pleased if we could make up a Victorian Team from the many clubs throughtout Victoria.
If you are interested please contact Russell Wood at
Full details are available from the side bar on the Koryo Website under Special Down Loads.



W.T.F President’s New Year Message for 2012

Friday, December 30th, 2011

“Hope and Dreams to the Youth of the World” 

Dear Taekwondo Family Members,

I would like to extend my warmest greetings for the New Year of 2012.

The anticipation has been
mounting and another exciting Olympic year is upon us.  Yet these Olympics have
a new and even more exciting element that highlights the World Taekwondo
Federation’s theme for 2012, “Spreading Hope and Dreams to the Youth of the

August of 2010 marked the
inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.  Since this incredible event, we
have watched as the youth of the world have begun to blossom through their hopes
and Olympic dreams.  Already champions of the first-ever Youth Olympic Games
will be competing in London as Olympians this year.  However, these hopes and
dreams are the right of every youth around the world.

At the WTF Council meeting
in Vladivostok, Russia in July 2011, and ensuing e-voting of the General
Assembly, the WTF approved motions to establish WTF Taekwondo Peace Corps and
WTF Taekwondo Demonstration Team.  These decisions will help facilitate Peace
Corps activities to focus on youth taekwondo programs particularly those in the
greatest need such as orphanages and youth in displaced populations.  They will
additionally further help promote and develop the sport of taekwondo to help
bring kids off the street and into a disciplined and goal-oriented way of

In 2011, the 3rd World
Youth Taekwondo Camp, jointly organized by the WTF and the Taekwondo Promotion
Foundation, drew a total of 254 athletes aged 14 to 20 from 27 nations around
the world.  We are confident that the camp will draw a greater number of nations
and athletes this year.  I hope that each of our members will do their utmost to
provide this opportunity for their young athletes to come and train with Olympic
medalists, experience cultural exchanges, and learn of the principles and values
of the Olympic spirit.

Aside from the 2012 London
Olympic Games in August, the year will also celebrate the 9th WTF World Junior
Taekwondo Championships in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.  It will also mark the 2012
World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships.  This World Cup will be the first time
to be held under the new format of the 5 on 5 team format, which has yet to be
finalized.  This exciting new format would bring a new dynamic element to our
sport and the WTF is very excited for a continuation of the evolution of our

These Olympic Games in
London are a very important event for the WTF.  The countries that win medals or
the number of medals won by any particular country will not determine the
success of these Olympics.  The only factor that is important for success of the
London Games is a fair and transparent competition, upholding the principles of
Olympism.  This will help ensure taekwondo’s position as an Olympic sport and
uphold the excellence of our sport to world, especially the youth.

The Olympic Games bring a
spirit of sportsmanship, triumph, and glory to all that have ever seen or
witness their greatness.  But this can only be achieved by the hope that is
instilled within us that it is possible to achieve this, and it starts in the
heart of the youth.  This year, we begin a greater effort of spreading these
hope and dreams to them.  Even as each human being has the right to have these
in their lives, surely it is our young ones that most urgently need them today.
The youth of today are the champions of tomorrow!

I would like to wish
everyone an incredible year in 2012.  I am looking forward to great things
within our family this year.  And may our deeds not only bring hope and dreams
to others, but bring them alive within us, as well!

Chungwon Choue


image for 2012 new year message



Access to WTF Sanctioned Open events in 2012 and 2013

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

The introduction of the WTF membership system and the Global Athlete Licence (GAL) means that ultimately, only members of STA will have access to these events including the large benchmark Open events such as the US Open, Dutch Open, German Open, British Open etc. Already for the recent French Open in 2011, all athletes who participated at this event were required to have a letter of authority from STA.

A meeting has now been scheduled by the WTF to discuss this matter. The meeting will take place on 2nd February 2012 in Korea and before all of the World’s major International Open events begin in 2012.

The Continental Unions of the WTF support restricting access to all Open events to members of the respective recognised associations of the WTF. The WTF itself has indicated that access to such events in 2013 will require a GAL Licence which can only be obtained from national associations such as STA.

Given the meeting to discuss this matter is scheduled on 2nd February and given the position of the Continental Unions, a likely outcome of the meeting may be that any athlete wishing to participate at any International Open event in 2012, will require either a GAL or a WTF membership card.

For Australian athletes these can only be obtained if you are a members of STA.

If you are making plans to compete at any of these events in 2012, make sure your application for membership of STA is received well before your planned trip and well before you make travel plans to attend any international open event in order to avoid disappointment

2011 W.T.F Sparring Rules

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Refer V2 Competition Rules listed under Special Down Loads in Side Bar.

Koryo Shepparton Christmas Break Up

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Koryo Christmas New Year Holiday Break

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

We wish all our members and their families a Very Safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year.
Koryo Taekwondo Christmas and New Year Holiday break is as follows,

First Class Tuesday 24/01/2012

Thursday 01/12/2011 is the last class with Thursday 02/02/2012 the first class. (Female only Martial Arts to Music)
Thursday 08/12/2011 is the last class with Thursday 09/02/2012 the first class.
Friday 09/12/2011 is the last class with Friday 03 /02/2012 the first class.
Saturday 17/12/2011 is the last class with Saturday 28/01/2012 the first class.(Craigieburn College)
Saturday 17/12/2011 is the last class with Saturday 04/02/2012 the first class.(Craigieburn Primary)

Tuesday 13/12/2011 is the last class with Tuesday 07/02/2012 the first class.

First Class Monday 09/01/2012

First class Thursday 02/02/2012

Roxburgh Park
Monday 12/12/2011 is the last class with Monday 23/01/2012 the first class.
Tuesday 06/12/2011 is the last class with Tuesday 24/01/2012 the first class.

Wednesday 14/12/2011 is the last class with Monday 06/02/2012 the first class.

Wednesday 14/12/2011 is the last class with Wednesday 01/02/2012 the first class.

First class Tuesday 07/02/2012

Thursday 15/12/2011 is the last class with Thursday 02/02/2012 the first class.

Friday 09/12/2011 is the last class with Friday 03/02/2012 the first class

For additional information please ring Russ Wood on 0405 659 684 or email



Koryo Grading and Trophy Night.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

We held our Trophy Night on Saturday on the 10th December and our Grading on Sunday 11th December with both events being quite succesful thanks to joyce Stivala and our wonderful Instructors, Members and Parents.
Carl Ure who joined our club back in the earlier 1970 pasted his 6th Dan grading with flying colours which was due to the hard work he put into training.
Damien Hauser who has been traveling to Seymour to train with Carl also sat for his 5th Dan and again past with flying colours.
The following Koryo members also sat for there Dan / Poom Grading,
Terry Mace was promoted to 3rd Dan
Paul Bitmatta was promoted to 3rd Dan
Herbert Vasconcelos was promoted to 3rd Dan
Katelyn Brockwell was promoted to 3rd Dan
Thomas Bitmatta was promoted to 3rd Poom
Daniel Rosano was promoted to 2nd Poom (Daniel won 2nd place for Best on Day)
William French was promoted to 2nd Poom
Angela Gunawardena was promoted to 1st Dan
Amanda Gudawardena was promoted to 1st Dan
Lelani Saranghewage was promoted to 1st Poom
James Damches was promoted to 1st Poom
Crystoval CS Komala  (Daniel won 1st place for Best on Day)
Amanda Tripptree was promoted to 1st Poom
Mohammed Shaban was promoted to 1st Poom
Congratulations to all our new Black Belts.





Koryo Big Week End

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

African and European Athletes

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

African and European Athletes Gear up for Upcoming
Continental Qualification Tournament 

2011 World Qualification Tournament
2011 WTF World Qualification Tournament for London 2012 Olympic Games held
at Baku, Azerbaijan.

With the London 2012
Olympic Games only eight months away a total of 41 countries have secured 84 out
of the 128 allocated places including four (4) places automatically granted to
the host country, Great Britain.

Of the remaining 44 places,
16 places will be awarded during the African Qualification Tournament which will
be held in Cairo, Egypt, on January 11th -12th , 2012, while 24 will be decided
at the European Qualification Tournament which will take place in Kazan, Russia
on January 27th-29th, 2012.

The last four (4) allocated
places, so called “wild cards”, will be decided through the tripartite
consultation among the IOC, the WTF and the ANOCs. (Refer to the WTF website
( for more detailed
information on the events)

The athletes who will
participate in the upcoming qualification tournaments have being working hard
with the hope of achieving a ticket to London as the Qualification events are
only weeks away. The competition in the upcoming events will be foreseen to be
extremely competitive due to this being the last opportunity to qualify for the
London Olympics.  At the World Qualification Tournament held in Baku,
Azerbaijan, 11 out of 24 allocated places went to European countries.


Koryo Free Grading Classes

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

The following times are for the free Grading classes at the Craigieburn College

White Belts: 6:30pm to 7.15pm
Yellow Belts: 7:15 to 8:00pm
Blue Belts: 8:00pm to 8:45pm
Red & Black: 8:45pm to 9:30pm