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2011 New Zealand Open

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Interested people wishing to join our  Team travelling to New Zealand should email Russell Wood their details as we now need to make up Pairs and Teams for the Poomsae events.
There are a total of 6 events which can be entered, Sparring, Individual Standard Poomsae, Pairs Standard Poomsae, Team Standard Poomsae, Individual Creative Poomsae and Team Creative Poomsae.
Please keep in mind that the competition is open all Colour and Black Belts.
If you wish to attend the Commonwealth Championship training sessions which start on Sunday 2nd January you are more then welcome.
Please refer an earlier post regarding this event for training dates and times.

W.T.F Competition Rules and Interpretation (as of Oct. 7, 2010)

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

 Page 20 Article 12 Valid Points 1 Legal Scoring Areas  
1.1 Body: The blue or red colored area of the body protector
1.2 Head: The area above the collar bone (i.e. whole part of the head including both ears and the back of the head) 2 Points shall be awarded when permitted techniques are delivered accurately and powerfully to the legal scoring areas. 
3 The valid points are divided as follows.
3.1 One (1) point for a valid attack on trunk protector 
3.2 Two (2) points for a valid turning kick to the trunk protector 
3.3 Three (3) points for a valid kick to the head 
3.4 Four (4) points for a valid turning kick to the head 
4 Match score shall be the sum of points of the three rounds.

Koryo Taekwondo Champion

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Rachel (Goldielox) McIntosh has proven herself to be a true Taekwondo Champion after winning both the Sparring and Individual  Poomsae competitions at the 2009 and 2010 Taekwondo Australia National Championship. 
Goldielox at the tender age of 11  has won a high number of  medals at State, National and International Competitions.
Goldielox will now join the Koryo Team travelling to New Zealand to compete at the 2011 New Zealand Open.

2011 New Zealand Open

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

After speaking the Organisers of the 2011 New Zealand Open I have been assured by them that Taekwondo Australia Members are more than welcome to compete in this competition.
As previously advised we will start training on Sunday 23rd January at the Craigieburn College starting at 9am to 11am. We will also have special Poomsae and Sparring Classes every Saturday at the Craigieburn College which are open to all competitors travelling to New Zealand.
For additional please contact Russ Wood on 0405 659 684 or 03 9308 6019.

TA Legal Proceedings Against STA

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

For months the Taekwondo community has been confused by misinformation in regard to TA’s sports injury insurance coverage for members who compete in STA events and not knowing what to do in relation to team trials and many other matters. This was well illustrated lately by the information which was circulated in regard to “Olympic” trials and which caused the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) to take action to remedy the situation.
The AOC sought to correct the situation by having TA and STA publish on our respective websites letters from the AOC’s Secretary General stating that currently neither TA or STA have the right to assert that they can provide pathways to selection for the Australian Olympic Team for London 2012. While TA complied with these requests from the AOC, unfortunately STA chose not to, leading to further confusion amongst the athletes and the Taekwondo community. It is in this environment that TA has brought Federal Court proceedings in an attempt to prevent this misleading advertising.
While the proceedings in the Federal Court are continuing, unfortunately we were not able to convince the court to grant an immediate injunction that STA cease claiming that it had “Olympics pathways” and like expressions from their website. The matter may ultimately need to go to trial.TA was however successful in obtaining an Undertaking immediately preventing STA from publishing any material or making any representations to members of the public to the effect that members of Taekwondo Australia who compete in events or tournaments conducted by, or under the auspices of STA are covered by Taekwondo Australia’s accident insurance policy.

TA Firms Up Relationship With Kukkiwon.

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

TA President Hassan Iskandar and CEO John Gradisar recently met in Korea with Kukkiwon President, Mr Won Sik Kang and Section Chief of the Overseas Strategy Team, Mr Kwang Mun Ko. The purpose of the meeting was to ensure Taekwondo Australia’s continued access to Kukkiwon Certificates at current discounted rates. TA is pleased to advise the President’s and Section Chief’s continued support for Taekwondo Australia in this regard.

Furthermore, both President Kang and Mr Ko have accepted an invitation to attend the 2011 Australian Taekwondo National Championships. Also discussed briefly was an invitation for Taekwondo Australia to host a Hanmadang in 2012. Allied to this is also an expression of interest from one of Korea’s leading universities to send a demonstration team to perform at the 2011 Australian Taekwondo National Championships as a lead to a 2012 Australian Hanmadang Festival.

The opportunity was also taken during the 2010 Hanmadang to meet with several poomsae masters including Grand Master Kang Shin-Chul and Professor Jeong Kook-Hyun from the Korea National Sports University who have all expressed a keen interest in coming to Australia to conduct seminars in 2011.   

These offers have been submitted to the various TA committees for planning consideration and further information will be provided in the new year.


Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Paramount invite you as a member of Taekwondo Australia to attend our Last
Airbender launch event which will showcase the sport of Taekwondo in

Australia. Guests attending will revel in a live demonstration by 3 of our

sporting greats Afwan Kahil (Spanish & German Open Gold Medalist, Carmen

Marton (2008 Beijing Olympian, German & Korean Open Gold Medalist) and

Rima Kanoun (Quarter Finalist World Jnr Championships, Malaysian and Korean

Open Medalist and 4 times Australian team member).

Performing key routines direct from the movie you will be taken through a series

of routines in a live mass class.

This event is open to all current Taekwondo members

will be attended by the media you never know it could be you featured on the

nightly news or in the local paper.

In addition to meeting hero’s of the sport there will be prizes for the best effort

in class and for the first 400 to register, you will receive a private screening of

the movie THE LAST AIRBENDER directly following the demonstrations.

This is a great event for the kids during school holidays and will help us promote

the sport we all love so much. (Parents welcome to watch)!

aged 1 – 16 years andEVENT DETAILS
DATE: January 13 2011

LOCATION: Showring, Entertainment Quarter 122 Lang Road, Moore

Park (next to SCG) Entertainment Quarter formerly Fox

Studios. Parking available onsite.

TIME: 9am SHARP for registration!!!







W.T.F World T.K.D Tour Moscow

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Russia’s Anastasia Baryshnikova  (left) delivers a kick to Korea’s  Yoo-Sun Ji in the final match of the women’s +67kg weight category  of the WTF World Taekwondo Tour 2010 Moscow at  the Moscow Martial  Arts Center  in Moscow on  Dec. 10, 2010. Baryshnikova came from behind to beat Ji 4-2 for the top honors.

Koryo December Grading

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Our last Grading for 2010 was held at the Craigieburn High School on the 12th December.
At this Grading  Andrea Matias was promoted to 3rd Dan, Daniel Scaffidi to 2nd Dan and Rachele (Goldielox) McIntosh to 2nd Poom. All three of the students displayed a very high level of skill throughout their Grading.
We also gained a number of new Cho Dan Bo students so we can look forward to several new Black Belts in 2011.

Christmas / New Year Break

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The Koryo Taekwondo Centre would like wish all its Members, Families and Friends a Very Safe and Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Very Safe  New Year.

Classes finish in 2010 and restart again in 2011 as per the following,
Joyces Hour of Power: Last Session 16th December. First Session 27th January.
Last Session 14th December. First Session 18th January
Thursday: Last Session 16th December. First Session 27th January.
Friday: Last Session 10th December. First Session 4th Febuary.
Saturday: Last Session 18th December. First Session 22nd January.
Roxburgh Park
Monday: Last Session 13th December. First Session 17th January.
Tuesday: Last Session 14th December. First Session 18th January.
Monday: First Session 7th Febuary.
Thursday: First Session 10th Febuary.
Thursday: Last Session 16th December. First Session 20th January.
Friday: Last Session 17th December. First Session 28th January.