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Victorian 2010 Muye Competition.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Our team was made up from the following clubs,

  • M.T.C Bendigo:1
  • City West:1
  • Gisborne T.K.D: 3
  • Schembri’s:7
  • Koryo:32

Gold: 58, Silver: 37, Bronze: 33

Christian Name Surname
Gold Silver Bronze Total Club
Joyce Stivala 4 2 1 7 Koryo
Russ Wood 4 2 1 7 Koryo
Rachel Mc Intosh 2 1 3 Koryo
Jack Summersby 2 2 4 Koryo
Taylor S Summersby 1 1 1 3 Koryo
Ivana Cvak 4 1 5 Koryo
Luisa Da Silva 5 5 Koryo
Sammy Scaffidi 1 3 4 Koryo
Damien Hauser 2 1 3 Koryo
Courtney Osborn 1 1 Koryo
Paul Bitmatta 2 1 3 Koryo
Thomas Bitmatta 2 2 Koryo
Rejay Rosa 1 2 1 4 Koryo
William French 2 1 3 Koryo
Daniel Rosano 3 3 Koryo
Matthew Christian 2 1 3 Koryo
Matthew Fenech 2 3 5 Koryo
Sharell CS Komala 1 1 1 3 Koryo
Crystoval CS Komala 3 3 Koryo
Ethan Tremlett 1 1 2 Koryo
Natasha Papamikroulis 1 1 Koryo
Spiro Papamikroulis 1 1 Koryo
Sachin Pathmaperuma 2 3 5 Koryo
Tina Sclafini 2 2 Koryo
Isabella Rachele 1 1 Koryo
Tyson Maher 2 2 Koryo
Claudia Rachele 3 3 Koryo
Stacy M Moutafis 1 1 2 Koryo
Brendan Leeder 1 2 1 4 Koryo
Amanda Tripptree 2 1 3 Koryo
Sammy Rachele 3 2 5 Koryo
Supun Juyakody 2 2 Koryo
Troy Johnson 1 1 1 3 City West
Pat Petrovski 1 1 2 Schembri’s
Bernard Chan 1 1 Schembri’s
Jay Schembri 1 1 Schembri’s
Rick Simmons 1 1 2 Schembri’s
Rodney O O’Gorman 2 1 3 Schembri’s
Anita O O’Gorman 2 1 3 Schembri’s
Jarod O’Gorman 2 1 1 4 Schembri’s
Brandi Beltrame 2 1 3 Gisborne T.K.D
Declan Beltrame 1 1 Gisborne T.K.D
Bradley Newell 1 1 Gisborne T.K.D

Victorian 2010 Muye Competition.
Our Koryo Team did a wonderful job at this competition winning a high number of medals.
Once we have the total amount of medals won we will post the details on the website. High lights of the day included, our club winning theT.VI Demonstration Team Award, Thomas Bitmatta scoring the highest score for Individual Poomsae to Music, Claudia Rachele winning Gold in the 14 to 18 Black Belt Mixed 1 on 1 Poomsae, Taylor Summersby winning Gold in the 14 to 18 Black Belt Female division, Daniel Rosana winning 3 Gold and Crystoval CS Komala winning 3 Gold. Once all the results come in we will be able to post other Club High Lights. I would like to thank all the Senior Students for supporting our Juniors and the Parents for supporting our club.


Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Venue: Moonee Valley Race Course – Celebrity Room
Date: Friday 18th June 2010
Times: 7:00pm doors open 7:30 Kick off
Fights card: 6 Fight Card
1 Two on Two Fight
1 Team event – Aus Vs Korea
Rules: New WTF rules apply
Fighters: Australian fighters & International Fighters
Warren Hansen Ph: 0412 105 714 Email:

7th Dan Promotion

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Well known Victorian Head Instructor Robert Schembri was today promoted to 7th Dan.The Grading was conducted by 9th Dan Master Instructor Mr Young Youl Oh at Schembri’s Taekwondo Centre.
The Koryo Taekwondo Centre would like to congratulate Master Instructor Robert Schembri on his well deserved promotion.

President's Message

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

I thank and appreciate the support of our many and long-standing Head Instructors for the steady flow of membership renewals.  We have recently confirmed that both the Instructor and participant registrations are very much in line with and, possibly, even a little ahead of last year.  TA maintains our strong membership renewals and continues to represent the vast majority of Taekwondo participants throughout the country.

TA’s membership structure now has voting membership vested in our State Associations and the Board is keen to support premier governance for these associations as our members.  In this, TA has asked each of the States to consider their constitutions and ensure that their structures are consistent with the National organistion.  In providing assistance to the state associations for their review of governance structures TA will assist in review and redevelopment of constitutions with each of the state bodies.  Our legal team have been preparing templates for the review and this will all be forwarded to State executives shortly for their consideration.  State members will be able to choose various structural options and TA will be assisting with drafting of documents to ensure costs of the process are minimised for the States.

The Board and I are also thrilled to announce the coming relationship with NIB Health Cover.  Once the promotion is released in a few weeks time our participants and their families will have access to an excellent discount package with a strong and stable provider of health insurance that will work to support the insurances already in place through TA membership.


Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The Board has finally been able to confirm the date and location for Nationals 2010!

There was much effort put in by many trying to bring Nationals to Victoria but venue limitations have, unfortunately, beaten us again in this regard for 2010 so the search went out for an alternative (with an acknowledgement of the efforts of Taekwondo Victoria in this).  TA’s Board is pleased to now announce that the Nationals for 2010 will be held in . . . . . . . . .

CANBERRA – 22-24 October – Australian Institute of Sport, Belconnen

TA continues to try to bring Nationals back to Melbourne and will assist in working with venue providers to make this possible.

Sport Registrations

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Sport registrations have been increasing and will result positive progression of programs in the future as well as better information for TA about participation trends and needs.  The photos on the cards have been well received by our athletes but have caused some small delays in processing where instructors have not included the photos with the registration forms.

Would all Instructors please make sure that all SPORTS registrations are accompanied by a passport size photo which is stuck to the top right hand corner of the page.  If you have photos outstanding, please endeavour to get them to Administration as soon as possible.

ACT Open Competition

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Taekwondo Australia wants to clarify for members that the advertised ACT Open is an event that is being run outside the scope of Taekwondo Australia.  As such, this event is NOT sanctioned by Taekwondo Australia and will not be covered by insurances provided under the membership of Taekwondo Australia in regard to athlete, coach or referee participation